Alton Brown's Pomegranate Palooza

The famous chef puts a twist on classic recipes using pomegranate.
4:04 | 12/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alton Brown's Pomegranate Palooza
Brown he's -- show us how -- use -- secret ingredient. Throughout Emil but we will reveal that -- just moments for -- -- about the show got huge fan and this is really turning out to be a great and very high. Highly rated season and you gonna be a judge next I cannot wait zero -- Italian as it is on my calendar so look. It's obviously -- sort of games. Must be competitive. Eating genre. And it's really headed cooking giant warnings -- everything and it's really come up with the with the with the with the program and why why do you think it resonates so. I think that it comes down to the fact that everybody loves to watch and athletic. Competition which is what our chef America really is -- bunch of people that are top of the game. Working their butts off against the clock -- each -- choose to practice their art so I mean that's compelling stuff you can't look away it's a great point I mean it is as athletic as -- -- column know if you knew how much weight some of those people lose during the competition it's a someone needs here I -- that's not a bad thing for -- it's pretty intense wanna diving and -- bikes reveal that the ordinary it isn't. -- yeah -- yeah. Pomegranate are one of my favorite dudes around this time of the year because they only arrived in the fall and -- they're very very seasonal we just don't see them the rest of the year. But a lot of people in America are out fairly upgrade in my sort of -- percent are rated them because they don't understand how to harvest of some and it quickly show -- -- -- -- That keeps you from getting really messy of course this is a very. It has all the seeds in the Indian middle these little things called air holes I think that really got that that's worrisome for a lot of adversity as they ran it into the this -- will steamed crap out of everything so what you usually cut -- the -- -- -- the skin and hinted at double water again that I had stolen the things we did you break it apart underwater and I'm not gonna come on -- take time to do this whole thing. They Begin this underwater -- girls are bullish sugar so -- floats. Candidates into the bottom while all the wax apart from the the -- comes up to the surface so in the end what you wind up quit after about five minutes. If you've got all the bad stuff up top and all the good stuff these -- -- down below go ahead and take there's a need them. And any deceit C disease -- -- was like nature's demolition yeah you can -- -- -- once you've got them out one of my favorite things to do with them. He's actually take pomegranate juice two cups dissolving not to packets of gelatin a little sugar and -- it into a gelatin like this don't be afraid this is it. This is and ask you to take your tired passing yet -- -- -- here just. Consider this a concealed -- that you have like a Christmas time time to go ahead try it. And that's just pomegranate juice and a pomegranate barrels to get some crunchy but but not just -- deserve. Don't know any idea -- really putting answered that as dessert I would serve them it's like Bruce Bieber somebody like that because these stringent -- -- the pomegranate works really well against that in his these brilliant. All right so the ethical thing you can do that most people don't realize -- you can just -- pomegranate juice and boil it down and -- put this down with a little bit of sugar. Into -- -- -- if you've ever. The award to a party celebrating because it's basically pomegranate -- -- -- you've got that. You can make things like he had tequila sunrise we've left out the tequila in his -- -- family Shelby I know when this after after the show others that do but because it's heading. They'll actually slowed down and make this -- -- a little patterns you can try that. If you -- it down even more. You end up with something called. Pomegranate. Valassis. Wow wow and -- you can paint that on to something -- game lead over that long to get this is about an hour to get it down to this -- we doesn't take an important. Of the -- with a little sugar and lemon juice for city and boil -- down to a cop. And why did his idea I brush that -- -- this leg of lamb and that's all that's on nests to make me. Beautiful leg of lamb that's been stopped when this is -- -- I actually wrote that on the inside along with some of BSE so go ahead and not speak to act. -- and we don't need -- wow this is so 11 fruit many students -- season. It's terrible job but somebody's got to get this -- brown -- that hosts the next.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The famous chef puts a twist on classic recipes using pomegranate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15072681","title":"Alton Brown's Pomegranate Palooza","url":"/GMA/video/alton-browns-pomegranate-palooza-15072681"}