Milano on New Show, Struggles of Today's Child Stars

Actress discusses her role in ABC's new drama about the consequences of cheating.
4:54 | 06/03/13

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Transcript for Milano on New Show, Struggles of Today's Child Stars
A lyss is a milano has been a television star since she was just a tween. She's larger than life this morning. Check out that billboard. She's in a steamy new show, "mistresses." She joins us. Good morning, new mom. Your boy is 21 months old. Milo. I face-timed with him yesterday. I just cried when he said, i love you, mama. They're coming out on saturday. I'm going to be here for seven weeks. Promotes mistresses and I'm the host of project runway all-stars. That's great. Let's talk about the show. You said I don't want to be on a show that glamorizes adultery. That is not what h show is about. I feel like the title of the show, I unts the brand identity. It was a show on bbc. And it does have a hook, obviously, that title is very intriguing. But I almost feel like it does us a disservice. The show is so much more than that. I hope people tune in. Even if they tune in for the title, I think they'll be pleasantly surpr by the amount of heart that the show has. It's really about a group women, core group of women, friends that help us -- help each other through hard times. You play a young professional woman. A great job, great husband. Bumping into fertility issues as so many working women do. Who ends up making a bad choice and having an affair with a man in the office. Correct. She feels like her relationship with her husband hasecome very sort of mechanical because they've been trying to have a baby for so long that there's though romance left. So many couples can relate to that. Yeah. That's the thing about the . Even in the moments we deal with infidelity. We're never glib about it. It's always about, you know, what causes someone to look outside the marriage and then the repercussions of what that means. The prices they pay. Sfl not only within the marriage but in work place, friendships, family. Let's take a look at a clip. You and your new, love interest, at the office, are having a bet. Let's take a look. That's quite an offer. Work in mind. For a mere ten seconds. Five seconds. Done. ♪ one. Wow. It's a little heavy for early morning tv. You looked fantastic. This was a few months after you gave birth to milo. You looked amazing. Thank you. I wanted to ask you something. You have your life so together. You were a child star with huge success when you were young. We're seeing so many other child stars having tough times right now. Why do you think you were able to keep it together? What is the key to keeping your values and sanity in that maelstrom? I think it's a few things. First and foremost, my family was so close, that it kept me grounded and -- you know, I knew what may priory priorities were at a young age. The other element is that you can't let the industry decide who you are as a person. You need to find value outsid of the entertainment industry. It's such a fickle business. And it is so hard to you know, have a long career. That you have to find other fulfillment. Would you let milo go into the business? Before he was born, I would have said no. But he came out with such a personality on him. And he loves to perform so much and I think that they sort of come out the way they are. And I think the best job we can do as parents is to support and encourage who these little creatures are innately. I thing I would let him. Thank you so much. "Mistresses" debuts tonight on abc. Great to have you here. Thank you for having me.

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{"id":19312421,"title":"Milano on New Show, Struggles of Today's Child Stars","duration":"4:54","description":"Actress discusses her role in ABC's new drama about the consequences of cheating.","url":"/GMA/video/alyssa-milano-interview-2013-star-mistresses-amanda-bynes-19312421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}