Amanda Berry's Father: Best Feeling I Ever Had

Women allegedly held captive for nearly a decade reconnect with family.
3:43 | 05/08/13

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Transcript for Amanda Berry's Father: Best Feeling I Ever Had
so many more details coming in on the case of the ohio missing women. That is michele knight, still in the hospital. She was the first one to be kidnapped missing for 11 years. We'll hear more about the suspect, ariel castro, who actually helped search for one OF THE GIRLS, gina DeJesus and comforted her mother and her daughter after her daughter went missing. So strange. David muir is in cleveland with the latest, good morning, david. Reporter: Fast-moving developments. Those three suspects are expected to be arraigned in the courthouse behind me today. Authorities overnight telling me they plan to begin questioning those suspects today, as well. And amanda berry, we all know her voice, that frantic call to 911 that set the whole thing in motion, this morning we hear her voice again in a very different phone call. Overnight an emotional recording far different from amanda berry's frantic call to 911. I'm here, I'm free now. Reporter: This time she was on one end of the line, her grandmother in tennessee on the other. Her first phone call to grandma fern. I'm glad to have you back. Me too. I'm glad to be back. I thought you were gone. Nope, I'm here. I love you, honey. Thank god. I love you too. I thought about you all this time. I never forgot you. Little girl is your baby. Yeah, she's my daughter, born on christmas. Reporter: She wabc was the first to learn her name is jocelyn and her father speaking out overnight. Best feeling I ever had to keep hope. Keep hope. Don't give up. Because I never gave up. Reporter: In an exclusive one-on-one the deputy chief in cleveland telling us the little girl is doing well. She was eating a popsicle. Reporter: The little girl. Yeah, I mean sheing looked good to me. Reporter: We also learn amanda had begun to quietly teach her, home schooling her while captive in that house. That's what she said, she had been teaching her and liked to play school. Reporter: Then there's michele knight, the one held captive the longest seen here for the first time in this yearbook photo obtained overnight by abc news. Her mother, braush bra knight, revealing when she disappeared she file a police report but argues no one took it seriously. I had a caseworker tell me that maybe she doesn't want me to be involved with her life anymore. Reporter: She couldn't believe her daughter was found alive. I started crying because if it is her, I would love to ally see her because I miss her. Reporter: Meanwhile, this morning the three suspects, the own er of the home, ariel castro and his brothers pedro and onil. Ariel castro's daughter claims she was a close friend of gina DeJESUS AND HAD TRIED TO Schedule a playdate with her on the tragic afternoonesus went missing. She gave me 50 cents to call my mom and so my mom said no that I can't go over her house and so I told her I couldn't and she said, well, okay, I'll talk to you later and she -- Reporter: Then gina reportedly disappeared. That would be stunning if true. If ariel castro's daughter was the last one to see one of those young female victims before they disappeared. I've also learned from authorities they plan to meet with the three women again today. Now begins the delicate task of learning what they endured inside the home. Wasn't that something that first phone call to grandma fern overnight. As we get more information on what happened we've got breaking

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{"id":19132061,"title":"Amanda Berry's Father: Best Feeling I Ever Had","duration":"3:43","description":"Women allegedly held captive for nearly a decade reconnect with family.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-berry-gina-dejesus-michele-knight-found-berrys-19132061","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}