Knox 'Not Afraid of the Facts' on Eve of New Trial

American student accused of murder will not go back to Italy for the new trial.
2:20 | 09/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Knox 'Not Afraid of the Facts' on Eve of New Trial
with the retrial of amanda knox, it starts tomorrow in italy the american student won't be there. Two years ago, italy's highest court ovrned knox's murder conviction and she returned home to seattle where she sat down with abc. Reporter: A walk is really important for coming back. As a new trial looms, amanda knox is haunted by her nice locked in the italian prison. I had panic attacks. Reporter: She said panic attacks and ptsd still plague her and freedom hasn't freed her mind. I thought that I was okay, i was home, and I wasn't. I was so angry and I was so sad. Reporter: She said reliving her ordeal triggers her breakdowns. But tomorrow, she can't avoid her reality, her freedom is once again in the hands of a panel of italian judges and jurors. Facts are facts. And I'm not afraid of them. Reporter: No new evidence or witnesses are likely. What is possible, rudy guede, the only person serving a sentence for the crime could take the stand. He admitted to police that he was at the crime scene. As it begins tomorrow, amanda will stay in seattle and begin her final year of creative writing at university of washington. I'm working on projects. Reporter: She'll be waiting for updates from her italian lawyers in between classes. Not exactly the college life she dreamed of. I'm really looking forward to getting a place to live. Reporter: And not the same amanda knox who set off to study aboard. I know that my family was expecting the old amanda back which is the old amanda that I'm not quite as chirpy anymore. You can see how this experience changed her. Really changed her. Abc news and "good morning america" will be covering the trial. It is a big trial. Nervous time for her.

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{"id":20410385,"title":"Knox 'Not Afraid of the Facts' on Eve of New Trial","duration":"2:20","description":"American student accused of murder will not go back to Italy for the new trial.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-decides-attend-retrial-20410385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}