Amanda Knox 'Loves Italy,' Would Like to Return

The woman imprisoned in Italy for four years makes some unexpected comments.
2:36 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox 'Loves Italy,' Would Like to Return
Turning to some surprising new details about Amanda Knox went. She really thinks about the country where she was imprisoned for almost forty years before her murder conviction was overturned in October of last year her lawyer. Says that. Knox could be returning to Italy much sooner than you might think that ABC's -- -- joins us with that -- -- in -- first moments after that conviction was overturned she said. She never blamed me telling people for what had happened -- well here's. Here's the bad part is that this isn't over for her family it's hard to believe everyone thought it was over whenever pictures -- they still have. Major hurdles to go through Amanda's parents. Now could face years behind bars. They are even charged with slander and now there -- there was a pretrial hearing yesterday in Italy the trial could Begin as early as march and the only expected defense witness in their case. Their own daughter Amanda. And you would think after hearing these words just four months ago both. Defendants have been free -- and an Italian jury overturning her murder conviction. That Amanda Knox would never returned to Italy. But now she really just a -- back at home in Seattle Knox reveals that she hopes to one day return to the country where she was imprisoned for four years. Her lawyer Carlo Della -- -- told an Italian news agency that knocks quote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saying she would like to return as a tourist. But -- might not be -- knocks heads back. She may be forced back into an Italian courtroom. This time to defend her parents who have been charged with slandering the Parisian police. In an interview they gave to the London Sunday Times in 2008. Curt Knox told the Paper quote Amanda was abused physically and verbally. She told -- she was hit in the back of the head by a police officer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah let's try class Knox also claimed police pressured her into signing a statement that she later said was -- in her 2009 testimony -- all of -- -- told ABC news that knocks his parents quote. Certainly didn't make any defamatory remarks when they repeated -- statement to the -- In -- slander case truth. Is the ultimate defense. And Amanda Knox will say that what she told her parents was true. And as a result she becomes a crucial witness Knox is expected to be the only defense witness in her parents' case. They now could face up to three years behind bars themselves. And in addition to the case against her parents Amanda Knox is also personally charged with slander for comment she made about police during her trial. A hearing on those charges Josh is tentatively scheduled for the summer and -- thank you very much.

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{"id":15437576,"title":"Amanda Knox 'Loves Italy,' Would Like to Return","duration":"2:36","description":"The woman imprisoned in Italy for four years makes some unexpected comments.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-loves-italy-return-15437576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}