Amazing Southern California Rescue

Rescue workers saved mother and two kids trapped in car hanging off a bridge.
2:30 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Amazing Southern California Rescue
Amazing rescue in Southern California in a fiery crash left a mother and her two children trapped in their car teetering off the side of a bridge. They are all candidate thanks to the heroic efforts of rescue workers and passers by in -- -- -- house this miraculous story it is unbelievable especially when you see the video. It is absolutely unbelievably on this crash in -- so intense the car was almost unidentifiable. And even after surviving this crash. This young California family still dangled off a bridge waiting for a stroke of good luck and some fearless first responders to save their lives. The image is terrifying a BMW crunched mangled and dangling over the edge of a bridge. Inside a mother her ten year old daughter and ten week old infant who miraculously survived the crash with a tractor trailer. But now all three trapped inside below them a 100 foot drop the car teetering and at risk of going over. It happened on this Santa Barbara highway. The big rig rear ended the -- then went over the side and into the creek the driver was killed. But inside the BMW Kelly groves and her children struggled to get out rescue workers spent the afternoon trying to -- -- are all trapped. In the vehicle and and they said teetering over the edge as -- return to use the jaws of life to rescue them then a stroke of luck. US navy seabees who just happen to be driving -- highway and just happen to -- extremely helpful equipment with them. They came up they all got out -- wanted to know they get -- news traffic something else they had a a large enough pork -- with them that we were able to see. Obtain and have been used so they could support the BMW. Has it was teetering on the side of the bridge. Eventually all three were rescued and airlifted to a local hospital the infant surprisingly. Barely heard at all I think that -- he did -- her. Yet it was an effort that took a whole lot of sweat. But also a bit of luck and those navy -- just by chance happen in the coming through. Good luck on our part. It's amazing that all three that ten week old was in the best shape. She's properly strapped in her car seat in the back -- all expected to be just fine but if that -- before that hadn't been in the right place at the right time. Things of course could have been much when and maps and now absolutely a lot of lessons being.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Rescue workers saved mother and two kids trapped in car hanging off a bridge. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15360782","title":"Amazing Southern California Rescue","url":"/GMA/video/amazing-southern-california-rescue-15360782"}