Amazon stock hits $1,000 a share

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
4:54 | 05/31/17

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Transcript for Amazon stock hits $1,000 a share
Now other big board Rebecca Jarvis TJ Holmes both here let us this morning Rebecca we'll begin with you. Get a big milestone for Amazon and it's how to get pays us stock is just honest scared hit a thousand dollars a share yesterday. That means business closing in on Bill Gates is now the wealthiest person the world so we knew this has been a long way basically seventeen years sustained hot streak what's behind it. We'll listen to company that knows what we walk before we want it now George they have figured out this secret sauce she was so many different categories of retail they started out in bookstores. Now they're in apparel bearing groceries they're looking into getting into pharmaceuticals they have revolutionized retail and completely change how we shop as consumers can't change wish and you. But what does this mean for the founder debate though. Still baze Ellis most of his money is tied up in Amazon stock he is now an absolute billionaire at the top of the list just behind bill gates'. Right now she. Jeff Fay's house is worth. 85 point four billion dollars Bill Gates 88 point eight billion dollars what's billion dollars he regretted that club and even if they and he's closing and I'm gates right now in just this year his net worth basis is net worth has gone up twenty billion dollars because that stock price low fat teen. Fifteen this. Happy about it tells us on headline yesterday 2000 dollars a share from Amazon now that's what people are talking about when we milestone like a thousand dollars you're gonna hear talk like that George but right now. The big question is who gets to a trillion dollars first. Apple right now is in the lead they are about 200 billion dollars away as a company from a trillion dollar mark. But now Amazon and Google alphabet they're catching up there's a lot of conversation about this three horse race getting to a trillion dollars for out as a lot of money. Gets a lot of money. Aaron thank you Rebecca and now we're gonna go to the competitor that everyone is watching the Scripps national spelling bee kicks off today at six either it's Fuller. To be connected to confuse become the youngest qualifier ever. She would just five years old when she made the competition in March announcing gearing up. To go against a much older kids yet. Put this in perspective Dresser hand that it kicks off this morning the spelling rounds he got 291 kids most of it between the age of ten and fifteen that you get to nine year -- 18 year old. In this one little six year old girl people on how the world is she doing as a parent resident pushing to from a young age. Well it turns out as they're gonna see here for me as being in DE six and April father. She turns out is to be a little phenom from Oklahoma to her. My name is eat its average and a former I have friend Tulsa Oklahoma. And I'm my usually. We are just having fun around the table you know can you spell cat and what else can you spell it. One of us throughout the word restaurant and she fell that how she know that we. Turn nine. YouTube. And found a little spelling bee. And she was absolutely transfixed. With Powell hey maybe she would like a competition. Be weaker. B it Kern. You can in. Armed agent can. Correct since room. Correct she just kept spelling them installing them gen non. She or. Shame and banging and any children and your air campaign. I'm reading words are not actually means knowledge of all things I'll Boise again she six have been two other six year old before the competed. But she is still the youngest in terms of months and days of she's absolutely youngest you'll have you white bird boards but let me give you the be glad I don't get to do this alive couple I don't get the stop George Stephanopoulos the life. All in all right this is one word she spelled correctly you all skill sets guerrilla write it down SaaS guerrilla. Sash and sentenced TG I'm going to the store to pick me up some sweets that's Murillo. That's a politic getting. SaaS Perella. And everybody good. A doers cannot look at the cash. I'm I'm undecided but I think I don't. I think you did see an advocate Kate yeah. Shall I gave me I just Sunday. I think you have to put an aren't IRS PRI. And yet this is one time on drug that stuff joy the and here okay George guys are. Spell check yeah. Kitty cat got this wrong when the ET what I can't spell hearing. I got a perfect you might animated as the birthright. Jessica because loyalty residents thank you guys national spelling bee is live tomorrow the files late thirties Germany is PM. Do you see more. AM on ESPN also on demand.

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{"id":47741585,"title":"Amazon stock hits $1,000 a share","duration":"4:54","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/amazon-stock-hits-1000-share-47741585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}