Ambush Makeover Gives People on the Street a Fashion Upgrade

Cameron Mathison combs NYC for women who would like a style boost.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ambush Makeover Gives People on the Street a Fashion Upgrade
We're back at 8:49. Two women have been in hair and wardrobe with our glam squad. We'll reveal their transformations in a moment. First, how cameron mathison combed the streets of new york to find the perfect candidate. Take a look. ♪ Reporter: It's a "gma" ambush makeover. And we're scoping out times square for two, brave ladies. For my assignment, I met up with style expert allison day, and hair guru, ted gibson. We're on a style mission. You have to be our eyes on the street, cam. Here's your tools. You're going to go upstairs. We're going to be eyes in the sky. Reporter: The mission was on. Ambush makeover in progress. Reporter: Do you have a second? For "good morning america." I'm cameron. I work here. Maybe not. I'm on my way to work. We have to speed up this project. Reporter: Hi. See you later. Have a good day. Should be able to get them just like that. Right? Reporter: I have to change my tactics a little bit. I'm a little too aggressive. My luck was turning around. You'll do this? I'll do it. Reporter: We got her. Erica's a new mom and a lawyer, who needed to amp up her look. I think we can make this fabulous. Reporter: Now, just one more. We have jill down here, who is all over. Jill's a mom of two and a v.P. In finance, who needed a fashion update. Jill, excited to meet you. Reporter: Mission accomplished. They were off. First stop, marshall's. Ready to go shopping? Let's go. Isn't that super sweet and adorable? Okay. Look at this. Reporter: Next stop, hair transformation. Hi. How are you? I'm good. Welcome to my salon. Thank you. We're going to get started right away. Perfect. Let's go. ♪ Reporter: Okay. Get ready for the big reveal. So great. We're joined, now, by the dream team, marshall's stylist, allison dayette, and ted gibson from "what not to wear." And we're going to see what to wear. Let's do it. Where is she? There's the before. There's the before. And right now, erica, come on out. Well, well, well. Let's see you. Hey. How do you like your new look? I love it. I love it, thanks to ted and allison. Looking at your smile alone and your energy, do you feel like a million bucks? A million bucks. I can afford a $950 hair cut. The whole thing is about her being a high-powered lawyer. I give her an sfb. Superfabulous blonde. We wanted her to look professional and sexy. Let's talk to you, allison. Talk about a $950 hair cut. I wanted to show we didn't have to spend $950 on top designer brands that you can pick up at unbelievable low prices. We found some really great fall threads. The layered. And totally on trend for fall. One more ambush makeover. This is jill. Let's look at the before shot. This crowd is so big. Wow. All right. Allison, what did you do for jill? It was really about amping up the glam factor for her. I wanted her to be fabulous, head-to-toe. And again, in designer brands. She's rocking the lace dress, the leather jacket, the beautiful heels. And looks gorgeous. Look how gorgeous she looks. One tip for hair? Always change your color at least twice a year. If you're blind, change the color twice a year. It's a lot of work. But you have to do it. Do you feel great? I feel great. Yes. ♪ that sits on the surface.

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{"id":17404608,"title":"Ambush Makeover Gives People on the Street a Fashion Upgrade","duration":"3:00","description":"Cameron Mathison combs NYC for women who would like a style boost.","url":"/GMA/video/ambush-makeover-people-street-fashion-upgrade-17404608","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}