America, Russia Agree on Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry helps work out deal to diffuse the situation in Syria.
4:04 | 09/14/13

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Transcript for America, Russia Agree on Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal
We're going to turn to the tragedy at the jersey shore. Investigators trying to figure out what caused the massive blaze that destroyed one of the most famous boardwalks in the world. The fire smoldering after wiping out dozens of businesses just getting back on their feet after hurricane sandy. And gio benitez at the scene with the latest. Gio? Reporter: Good morning, to you, bianna. This fire, we're told, is being treated as suspicious. That's what sources tell abc news. And this morning, we have new video that could give investigators the information they need. The store's on fire. Don't go in. Reporter: This morning, investigators are pouring over this cell phone video, capturing the start of that massive blaze, at the custard shop. How about this fire started, we don't know yet. And it would be irresponsible for any of us to speculate. Reporter: From the air, the massive and widespread devastation stretches for blocks. 30 buildings destroyed in the heart of the jersey shore. From the ground, tears watching childhood memories go up in flames. Watching lots of memories, wiped out. In ashes. Reporter:30-mile-per-hour winds pushed the fast-moving flames north, into seaside heights, where last year, that iconic rollercoaster ended up in the bay, following superstorm sandy. So much of this had been rebuilt. But this morning, the charred debris is a devastating reminder of the pain just months ago. Now that we just got done rebuilding. The fire came and took that away, too. Reporter: The flames, stopped by quick-thinking heroes. This is where firefighters broke through the boardwalk to stop that fire from moving any further north. And all that's left somewhat entact, carnival signs like this one. Chris christie visiting businesses on the boardwalk. In may, he was here, as well, showing prince harry how far the jersey shore had come since sandy. Now, he finds himself thanking the brave firefighters who put out the blaze. 400 of them stopped this thing. Everything we rebuilt could have been gone. Reporter: Just take a look behind me. There is so much cleaning up to do this morning. But investigators are still in there collecting evidence. And we're told there are still hot spots in that rubble, dan. Really sad to see. A lot of questions still this morning. Gio, thank you. Next, we move overseas and new developments this morning in the high-stakes diplomatic dance between america and russia, over syria's chemical weapons. Just before we came on the air, secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart held a news conference to announce a deal. Alex marquardt is in lebanon right now. Reporter: That's right. After three days after talks, secretary of state john kerry and sergey lavrov have come to a deal. They outlined it moments ago in geneva. The first hurdle they had to clear was agreeing on the size of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. Now, they're saying within one week, syria has to hand over a full inventory of its chemical arsenal. But november, chemical weapons inspectors must be allowed into the country. Syria has to agree that all of its chemical weapons will be destroyed. They have to be transferred over to international control by the middle of next year. Secretary kerry said if assad fails to comply, it will go back to the united nations security council. And that could mean a military reaction if russia were allowed -- if russia were to allow it through the security council. Secretary kerry made it clear today that a diplomatic solution is preferable to a military one. Dan? Bianna? Potential breakthrough here. So many questions remaining, including can you collect and destroy all of these chemical weapons in the middle of a civil war? Alex marquardt, we appreciate your reporting this morning. And a quick program note. George stephanopoulos will have an exclusive interview with president obama on the crisis of syria tomorrow morning on abc's "this week."

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{"id":20256896,"title":"America, Russia Agree on Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal","duration":"4:04","description":"Secretary of State John Kerry helps work out deal to diffuse the situation in Syria.","url":"/GMA/video/america-russia-agree-syrian-chemical-weapons-deal-20256896","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}