American Airlines Flight Attendant Meltdown

Mark Greenblatt takes a closer look at the standards for screening employees.
2:44 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for American Airlines Flight Attendant Meltdown
New information this morning about the flight attendant who triggered panic on a plane passengers jumped up to restrain her after she hysterically -- about the plane crashing. She apparently was off her medication but still there -- a lot of new questions this morning. But just how airline screen -- in charge of our safety. It was mark Greenblatt has the latest from New York's LaGuardia Airport good morning mark. Good morning beyond an American Airlines telling us this morning that they do put all of there employees there are very rigorous. Pre employment screening so that's before they get the job. But now new questions are those initial screenings and -- and what happens after their higher. -- -- They're they're horrific screams that still have everyone talking. New this morning we now know the disturbed American Airlines flight attendant. He carried on like this were terrified fifteen minutes just moments before -- Ranting raving and physically fighting off others who've gotten away. -- like. Guaranteed by people to drag on the ground including an off duty I'll try to talk her down and homered on -- little -- She should treat bipolar and. If true it's a mental illness that's easily controlled with medicine. But the troubled flight attendant reportedly told passengers she had stopped taking her bills all of which raises a host of questions. Our risk were the passengers -- on the ground as they were there was little risk. But -- a breakdown happened in the air or during an emergency the effects to passengers could be disaster. Flight attendants -- first responders and that was. Opposite case today that there were others -- had to respond to this flight attendant who is obviously in need of help. -- -- screened for mental health. American Airlines says yes they are screened upon hire. But safety experts tell ABC there is no rescreening but once they're trained but there's no specific program. Four periodic rescreening for psychological disturbance because it's just not expected meaning -- in Friday's incident someone in charge of your safety. Could be breaking down and no one knows it. And as for pilots the men -- their hands directly on the controls well they do go through rigorous screening for mental health before their -- but. But once again there's nothing mandatory after their on the job. But it's also important to keep all this in perspective we're told that there are more than 32000. Flights. Every single day and of course these incidents are very few and far between so the question is and also the conclusion of transportation experts think. One incident is not a trend --

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Mark Greenblatt takes a closer look at the standards for screening employees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15896309","title":"American Airlines Flight Attendant Meltdown","url":"/GMA/video/american-airlines-flight-attendant-meltdown-15896309"}