American Airlines Under Investigation for Loose Seats

FAA is investigating the airline after cabin seats became loose in mid-air.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American Airlines Under Investigation for Loose Seats
First, let's get to the latest incident on american airlines. The story first reported here on "gma" on monday. The airline is under investigation by the faa, after seats came loose onboard three different mid-air flights. Investigations by the airline has found more loose seats on more planes. Jim avila has more on this. Good morning, jim. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. Everything is on stake for american airlines, as passengers wonder what is next after a trash of seat disconnects in midair. American airlines on the offensive this morning after repoof yet another plane, this time an american flight from vail to dallas last wednesday, having rows of seats come loose. The third report in less than a week. We have seats loose in the back. And we need to return to base. Reporter: The airline insisting those frightening maintenance issues, forcing at least two of the jumbo jets to abort their trip, have nothing to do with the airline's bankruptcy or labor troubles. This is a mechanical issue. It's not related to anything despite all of the rumors and speculation. Reporter: That may not be enough for frightened passengers for this woman, too skiddish to allow her face to be shown. The seat flipped backwards. So, people were essentially on the laps of the passengers behind them with their legs up in the air. Reporter: This morning, american tells abc news, it is INSPECTING EIGHT 757s IN ITS Fleet which had new seats installed recently. The nation's third-largest airline saying, contrary to those headlinemaking flight delays in september, double the norm, aefr fights over pilots as part of a labor action, this more serious safety issue has nothing to do with disgruntled workers. These are unrelated to the issues with the aircraft with the seat issues. Reporter: But not everyone is convinced. Aviation experts says they can't remember one case of detached seats, much less three in less than a week. It could be sabotage. Or it could just be sloppiliness. Either way, it's a disaster for the airline. Reporter: "The wall street journal" travel editor warned against flighting american. Now, some aviation experts warn against booking with the airline before the airline finds out what's behind the seat issues.

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{"id":17373567,"title":"American Airlines Under Investigation for Loose Seats","duration":"3:00","description":"FAA is investigating the airline after cabin seats became loose in mid-air.","url":"/GMA/video/american-airlines-loose-seats-raise-suspicion-troubled-airline-17373567","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}