Hostage Rescued in Raid

Navy SEALs parachuted into one of the world's most dangerous places.
2:59 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Hostage Rescued in Raid
Navy SEALs. Rescuing -- American aid worker Jessica Buchanan in Somalia she was being held hostage there she is right there. And there you see President Obama you can see him right now -- Obama talking to her father right after the speech last night. And George had to be so relieved to get that phone call from the president US special forces. Flying in the rescue Jessica Buchanan and another aid worker the timing triggered by the candidates life threatening condition. ABC's Martha Raddatz at their Washington as well she's been tracking the late breaking details for -- the morning Martha. Good morning Robin it was every bit is -- -- mission is the one that got bin Laden but this time an American hostage is coming home. It was the middle of the night when Navy SEALs on board a special operations plane parachuted into -- -- -- darkness. To rescue the aid workers -- target a compound where 32 year old Jessica Buchanan. And Danish aid worker Paul fisted had been held for three months. As the seal teams still -- approached the compound on foot. Shots -- out but this -- moved quickly returning fire of the hostage taker reportedly killed. The Steelers kept moving making their way inside where they found the aid workers alive. Outside US helicopters swooped in -- the hostages were placed on board and flown to a US base in Djibouti. Buchanan and fisted who worked for a Danish aid organization were helping with -- mining when their convoy was attacked last October. US officials say the attackers were. Common criminals and pirates seeking ransom. The head of the aid organization. Told ABC news this morning that that 32 year old Buchanan -- from Bedford Virginia has been strong throughout. The operation which had been highly classified ended just before the president gave his State of the Union Address last night. He gave the tip that something was afoot. When he pointed out Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. And that President Obama made no mention of the rescue to nor did the head of special operations admiral -- -- craven. -- who was a guest of the First Lady. It was -- but -- Navy SEALs and who played a big role in the bin Laden mission. The president authorized the raid on Monday when he spoke to Jessica's father last night he told them that Americans have Jessica in their thoughts and prayers. And are thankful she will soon be reunited with her family certainly are markers are any indication that this is seal team six the same one responsible for the raid. Osama bin Laden. Well it's certainly possible but the Pentagon is getting very sensitive about identifying particular seal teams so we don't have that details and rightfully so -- -- protective of that all right Martha thinking.

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{"id":15437051,"title":"Hostage Rescued in Raid","duration":"2:59","description":"Navy SEALs parachuted into one of the world's most dangerous places.","url":"/GMA/video/american-hostage-rescued-overnight-raid-somalia-15437051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}