Who Was the American Jihadist Killed Fighting in Syria?

Douglas McCain was classmates with another young American who chose jihad, and paid for it with his life.
2:23 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Who Was the American Jihadist Killed Fighting in Syria?
Planes would be targeted. New pictures of the released American hostage, Theo Curtis returning home to the united States last night after two years in captivity in Syria and Brian Ross is here with the story of an American who took a different path, Douglas McCain who went to fight with Isis. Reporter: That's right. U.s. Officials say they knew the 33-year-old Douglas mcauthur McCain had gone to Syria to join the Isis jihad but this morning with the white house confirming he was killed there, not even his relatives can understand why he took that path. He grew up in Minnesota and went to college in San Diego and nothing on his Facebook page hints why he decided to sacrifice his life for jihad. McCain's likes included pizza hut, the Chicago bulls and the Koran. His cousin kenyata says he lost his way. I feel like he lost his identity because all of this is not him. Reporter: Also on McCain's Facebook page was a photo of one of his high school classmates, troy kastigar. He would follow his own path a few years later seen in this recruitment video. He was killed fighting for the Al Qaeda affiliate Al shabaab. McCain had a few mine for scrapes with the law before moving to San Diego where he somehow found his way to extremism and Syria using the online name, dual, the slave offof Allah. He died in aleppo. In a Twitter message earlier McCain who said he converted to Islam a decade ago wrote of his Isis warriors "Stand strong, we will soon be one." An estimated 100 Americans have been recruited to fight for jihadist groups in Syria and they're growing strength is being compared to Al Qaeda in the months before the 9/11 attacks. They may have again a place to organize a major attack on the United States and that's very serious. Reporter: And to underscore the brutality of that group, a new report says every Friday there are public executions and amputations and lashings in town squares where civilians, especially children are urged to come and watch. Oh, my goodness. Boy, that is a real eye opener. Two men from the same high school. Classmates together. Both went this road of jihad. Brian Ross, thanks very much.

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{"id":25141507,"title":"Who Was the American Jihadist Killed Fighting in Syria?","duration":"2:23","description":"Douglas McCain was classmates with another young American who chose jihad, and paid for it with his life.","url":"/GMA/video/american-jihadist-killed-fighting-syria-25141507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}