Mother Arrested in Mexico: 'This Is Not Real'

Yanira Maldonado speaks out for the first time since her arrest on drug-trafficking charges.
4:14 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Mother Arrested in Mexico: 'This Is Not Real'
For the l on that arizona mom locked in a mexican jail on charges of drug smuggling, she is speaking out for the first time denying those charges with all her heart and abc's gio benitez can in nogales, arizonath the latest. Good morning, gio. Reporter: George, good morning to you from the u.S./Mexico border on the other side in mexico, that american mom says she's absolutely innocent and she's speaking out to abc's station knxv. I need to be out. Reporter: Overnight yanira maldonado choking back tears speaking for the first time since her arrest from a cramped room in a mexican prison, the more mon mother of seven recalling the moment she was arrested and later charged with trafficking 12 pounds of marijuana. I thought maybe that was a setup or I joke or something, i was just waiting for that to end, but I realized that it is real, that I am being detained. Reporter: Her ordeal began last wednesday. She and her husband gary boarding a bus back to their home in phoenix, arizona, after attending a funeral in mexico. Then at a checkpoint just south of the border mexican sdiers began searching that bus and allegedly found these drugs under maldonado's seat. She said the mexican official told her she had to plead guilty despite her insistence that she was innocent. She'slike, I'm here to help. I'm here to put criminals behind bars and I said, thank god, I'm innocent so I thought she's going to help me and she didn't. Reporter: Maldonado, a devout more mon with no criminal history spends her days working with troubled teens in phoenix. Now in prison she's doing the same with her fellow inmates. The others don't know how to read but -- and she -- I was reading for her and she likes it. Reporter: If convicted, maldonado could spend at least ten years in one of mexico's notoriously violent prisons, but this morning she says she's hopeful the truth will prevail. I'm going to be free. I'm not guilty. I don't have nothing to hide. Reporter: And she's finding comfort in the two things she holds most dear, her family and her faith. And thanks again to our friends at knxv for that interview. Meanwhile, maldonado's family will be coming to the border today hoping she's released soon. Robin? Could be the case. All right, gio, for more let's go to dan abrams. You heard the interview. How could this play out in the case? Certainly in the court of public opinion here in the united states, it further supports this notion that she was framed. But I'm very interested in the fact that they let her do this interview. Looks like an office she's doing the interview in. This says to me that the authorities there are trying to treat her well, they're trying to allow her the opportunity to speak out publicly and I think that's a very good sign for her. Speaking of the authorities there, two mexican officials weresed to be in court yesterday to make their case. They didn't show up. Can you imagine? I mean we're talking about incredibly high-profile case here around the world and the authorities who made the arrest, who found the evidence, who are going to defend themselves against these horrible allegations of having framed this poor ameoman just don't show up to court. I mean, it's a little bit hard to believe. I mean here in the u.S., You know, a cop doesn't show up for a ticket on something and it gets dismissed. The bottom line s indicates to me that there's a real possibility that this is all being orchestrated to allow a judge to release her on friday, which is the authorities don't show up, she's sympathetic. She makes a nice statement. We'll try to treat her well, et cetera, there's nothing that we've seen so far that indicates that they're digging in their heels here to force her to stay and eventually go to trial. And her attorney says she'll probably be going home tomorrow. You heard gio said the family is on their way to get her. If she goes home she's not going to have to go back. Thank you, dan.

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{"id":19286198,"title":"Mother Arrested in Mexico: 'This Is Not Real'","duration":"4:14","description":"Yanira Maldonado speaks out for the first time since her arrest on drug-trafficking charges.","url":"/GMA/video/american-mom-jailed-mexico-yanira-maldonado-real-interview-19286198","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}