American Protesters in Egypt Released

Students return home after being arrested for rioting during Egyptian protests.
5:25 | 11/27/11

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Transcript for American Protesters in Egypt Released
Three American students arrested during the violent protests in Egypt are back home this morning they were accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at police and thrown in jail. Students deny the charges and we'll talk to one of them in just a moment about his ordeal but first here's ABC's llama Hasan. -- -- -- -- -- Derek Sweeney -- gates I'm Gregory torture the US students arrested in Cairo are finding any and surrounding them -- -- and friends all overwhelmed with joy and relief. Each student grateful to be. I just wanna say that I'm so thankful back in Philadelphia to get here it's. Been residue -- -- -- only go home and -- -- Thanksgiving soon. But there's a master of -- was not meant to end -- soon or like this. -- the now infamous video of their arrest they were accused of feuding a revolution. Egyptian -- claim the students were hurling Molotov cocktails from the roof at the American university -- security forces. -- claim that friends told us couldn't be true. -- they shouldn't they they did not have anything -- I open dates back then my camera and and there was nothing we saw firsthand how dangerous it was. The streets turned into a battleground security forces -- tear gas and rubber bullets with. Protestors throwing rocks before his arrest -- gates was to meeting. I feel so reckless he writes like bullets I was here and wish the protest in New York looked like the ones and the -- it. The Egyptian security forces also released these pictures which they -- show Derek mouth covered amongst the demonstrators. So what were the three students doing there were they looking for a thrill or just quarter up in the moment they were at the right place at the wrong time. One thing is clear this is a lesson students will never -- For Good Morning America -- -- house at ABC news. Cairo. And one of those -- -- Sweeney joins us now from Saint Louis along with his mom -- good morning to both of you. Good morning since -- Derek welcome home we're very happy -- safe I want to let you tell your side of the story here the police in Egypt say you were throwing. Firebombs. At the cops is there any. Truth to that. There's absolutely no truth whatsoever to that. We were there around at the protests. Watching -- Syria and Mohamed Mahmoud street with no violence -- -- -- the people around you throwing rocks -- firebombs. They with -- I believe Iraq's though I did not -- -- I not see any I have something soon I. Yet the news out now in hindsight do you think it was the Smart and safe decision to being -- Other people throwing rocks and to be this close to the protests. I still say I would still say that going to the protests was. It's my decision and it's a decision that I I would -- -- not making however. I probably could have stayed farther away from the more violent scenes. Certainly should have stayed more 55 farther away from the violent scenes -- this. Now the Al lot of as a very curious to hear how were you treated when you went to jail where you where you -- you how we treated. The first night was. A lot rougher than that following days and nights. And in the first night we were and we have punched in the face. Number of times. They. Held at camp bottle of gasoline in my mouth then an us and and we're motioning as -- gonna make -- -- -- down. And they told us they're gonna shoot us simply moved as viewer and so the field position. In the dark with their hands cuffed behind a -- Steve called it the most frightening that -- her life and it sounds like it certainly was. Coming home -- last night seeing your mom and your dad for the first time what was that like for you. An extraordinary Darrow is perhaps they have one of the happy as suicide. Found love everywhere. And existence is beautiful. That -- you are beaming tell us what it was like for you. Up up up up a -- up at. Well I've been saying I'm ecstatic how -- whenever -- ever I got good news in now. It's true but I apparently am so grateful that he's finally -- know our prayers were answered Miller manager Joseph what do you think -- -- Derek is saying if you had it to do over again he would still go to the protest. What's your view on that. He lives in Washington DC goes to Georgetown University. It's what students do all the time it's what college students in this country do and when you're used to doing something like that. You want to see that if you're immersing yourself in and other cultures and that's what you're going to do. You know and I don't know you know I I -- always made the -- decisions in my life and like I said the other day. I want my children to live their life and experience it to the fullest not -- -- from the sidelines. This was a little -- never have picked it up we'll get it. I can live without this whole experience I would not wish to them and worst enemy. I didn't I didn't I think we can all agree it was definitely an experience. -- enjoy I know you're gonna be celebrating a belated Thanksgiving today we wish you all the best and thank you very much. For coming on this morning we really appreciate it.

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{"id":15034976,"title":"American Protesters in Egypt Released","duration":"5:25","description":"Students return home after being arrested for rioting during Egyptian protests.","url":"/GMA/video/american-protesters-egypt-released-15034976","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}