American 'Spy' Nabbed in Iran: Family Wants Answers

Robert Levinson disappeared from Iran in 2007, later said to be on unsanctioned CIA operative.
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Transcript for American 'Spy' Nabbed in Iran: Family Wants Answers
through the holiday break. An american who vanished on a trip to iran more than six years ago. The family of robert levinson, now akuding the u.S. Government of not doing nearly enough to find him and secure his freedom. Brian ross is here with much more. Reporter: In the wake of the disclosures that levinson was working as a cia spy in iran, his family tells abc news this morning they're demanding a meeting with the new head of the fbi to push for his safe return. With no proof he's still alive from when this video was made three years ago, levlevinson's family says they feel abandoned. In an exclusive interview on "this week." To suggest that we've abandoned him or anybody has is simply incorrect. And, and not helpful. Do you believe the iranian government is responsible for his disappearance? I can't tell you what happened or how the sequence was. I think the iranian government has the ability to help us here. We hope they will. Reporter: In iran, the foreign minister denied to cbs that iran was holding levinson. Anything is possible. I'm saying we have no trace of him in iran. Reporter: Levinson disappeared in march of 2007 on the iranian island of kish. His family says he was on business for a rogue unit of the cia. Rather than acknowledge what they had done and try to save bob's life, they denied him. Reporter: Now members of congress the cia lied to them, too. The cia did not tell the truth to the american congress about mr. Levinson. Reporter: Secretary of state kerry also told abc news that there are a number of what he called secret different channels that are being worked aggressively for the return of levinson, who is mow the longest held american hostage ever in modern time. His family is not giving up. Reporter: They're pushing hard.

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{"id":21230708,"title":"American 'Spy' Nabbed in Iran: Family Wants Answers","duration":"3:00","description":"Robert Levinson disappeared from Iran in 2007, later said to be on unsanctioned CIA operative.","url":"/GMA/video/american-spy-robert-levinson-nabbed-iran-family-answers-21230708","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}