Americans Are Drinking Less Orange Juice

Consumption is down because of the juice's high sugar and carb content.
2:01 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Americans Are Drinking Less Orange Juice
Now to a breakfast staple in jeopardy. OJ forest who was once the morning beverage of choice for so many is plunging in popularity American consumption is down 13%. The last four years ABC's Lindsey Davis had to tell us about this so what that would. OJ you know what is kind of going away expands into anything that seems right time he's. Enjoy it for breakfast and now you're not not so much exactly it isn't really the primary reason they're alive but it's really help you know for years orange juice was marketed as something that was part of a complete breakfast. And now in recent years evidence has suggested that does not as healthy as we thought at its high fructose which means of course a lot of showed us a lot of cars. And a poor citrus farmers because they're really dealing with a trifecta because not only have people who are. Not as interested anymore in bringing a product that they've been battling bad weather and also bacterial. And his associates you yet the USDA shifting guidelines for that's right last year they proposed guidelines that any day care could not give aren't you sick kids are under one year old and and you have similar. Schools that are school districts that are following suit around the world that are removing orange juice from the school. One that I read and I was really in this beliefs I try to myself if you Google aren't just good for you the two top hits that you get. One is the number one reason to avoid drinking orange juice and the other is why aren't sheets is slowly. Killing you and it isn't really the thing is wow it if you look at twelve ounces of artists were talking about twenty some grams of sugar that's the same thing that you find in a pack of Eminem's or at Hanson. Why I'm wrong if that's that's what we drink and how was shocked when I finally learned how much sugar I had no items and wouldn't. Yeah we'll take you Lindsay thank you so much so what do you what do you what do you. What's your drink of choice and like freshly squeezed orange juice which is much better for you but it really is usually happy relatively tend to drink water to model for what we sneeze guard Jason and it's. Likable because I was telling anybody listening yes look at what to look concerned. That's Lotus opposing really healthy for you. This is good it's good.

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{"id":42859173,"title":"Americans Are Drinking Less Orange Juice","duration":"2:01","description":"Consumption is down because of the juice's high sugar and carb content.","url":"/GMA/video/americans-drinking-orange-juice-42859173","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}