Many Americans Are Wondering about the State of Security on the Anniversary of 9/11

ABC News contributor and fmr. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly shares his thoughts on the subject.
3:59 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for Many Americans Are Wondering about the State of Security on the Anniversary of 9/11
This fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 and many of us are wondering about the state. Our nation's security what is now ABC news contributor Ray Kelly was former commissioner of NYPD good morning sir thank morning then. Sid the chairman and vice chairman of the 9/11 commission wrote an op Ed. And which they say that the threat we face today is arguably worse than a threat we're facing in September of 2001 you giver that. While the threat has morphed and by that I mean. We who concerned immediately after 9/11 of more complex. A flocks with a lot of moving parts. We've sort of moved away from that I think we're much better protected from those attacks and then we were in the past but the lone wolf. The self radicalized individual is still very much a threat to to our country and I think it's going to continue for for quite awhile and you score. Examples of it in Orlando in San Bernardino. And when fortune is no reason to think that is going to stop it very difficult. To identify and very difficult to. To track you and some people say that as we. Have success in the Middle East you might say with. But bombings and in reducing the footprint of ice is that the trick here. Will rise you know you can rise Margie as a result of what these lone wolf. Witness ask you specifically about the low ropes and she said that is our biggest threat. And and it has morphed how do we how do we strategize against the law will we be saved their hard to identify so I imagine the strategy has involved. So how do we had a we isolate them how to we find them and target them. Yeah with great difficulty because there did not communicating with of the people there aware of all the things we do to monitor there via communications so it too. It's a real problem you see the FBI and rolling up a fair number of people and probably arrested over a hundred people all has to and I have news for material support. Two to terrorism and I think that is eight and good approach but there's no guarantee. It's going to be with us as a safer for a long time to come this sad little wolf where this is what keeps national security officials up at night no question about it. This morning ahead of the former head of the EPA Christie Todd Whitman is saying that she regrets telling New Yorkers after September 11 that the air. Around ground zero was safe to breed. A lot of your officers were down there for days weeks and months afterwards give me and the many in that sick give any. Thoughts after hearing Chris its eyewitness say this. He could very very late. And it in the game we're talking fifteen years. It was certain common sense should've should've been driven the notion that you have to have protection for the the workers down there when that word went out I mean it was like OK you can do whatever you want and obviously. It's it's it's brought tremendous. Numbers of deaths we know in the NYPD and the FDNY. Probably as close to Jordan fifty deaths have resulted from among people being at ground zero you know after the the initial attack so it's fifteen years later is is is a longtime commands say a I made a mistake and it's a devastating Pacific people who really mail us act resolutely to be there. Rick Kelly were that we are very careful to you for your participation in our program this morning thank you thank you. Thank you commissioner and of course this will be a very emotional day across our country. Sure to leave you now isn't sights and sounds. Past and present.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"ABC News contributor and fmr. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly shares his thoughts on the subject.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42009451","title":"Many Americans Are Wondering about the State of Security on the Anniversary of 9/11","url":"/GMA/video/americans-wondering-state-security-anniversary-911-42009451"}