'America's Next Top Model' New Season Preview

Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans discuss changes to hit show.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'America's Next Top Model' New Season Preview
Tonight is the premiere of the new season of "america's next top model." So many changes, not only with the models but with the judging panel. Here to tell us all about it, host and creator of the show and our friend, tyra banks. And two new judges. Kelly cutrone, and rob. Hi, girlfriend. Tell me all about the changes. Let's talk about the judges. This is the big, big news. Kelly is with us for a second year. She's like, I'm a legend. I've been on for two years. Kelly's amazing. P.R., Like powerhouse in the fashion industry. To me, kelly is like -- even though I'm her boss. Yes, I hired her. But in the judging room, she is ruling. I'm scared of kelly in the judging room. And what about this one over here? Rob is a new judge. You guys like rob? Rob is a former undefeated boxer. He is half-irish, half-black. And he is now a supermale model. He talks like this. Say something, darling. Hello, darling. She always does that. She does like that. The audience here likes rob. And there's a number of people who think you might like rob. I like rob a lot. You recently tweeted a photo of you two. Yes. We are shooting "america's next top model" in jamaica. I'm like, rob, let's put these wigs on and take a picture in the water. Everybody thought maybe there was a little romance brewing. They thought there was. You want to address it now? There's not. There's a lot of love, though. Yes. A lot of love. Last year, was all about the smize. This year, there's a new phrase. The bootee tush. Are you going to be hard on the bootee tush? I can't take a bad bootee tush. Can you explain what a bootee tush is? I can. It's when your pelvis is thrust fully backwards. And it goes out. That's a good thing? And the posterior is highlighted. Like poochy pooch. You have a bootee tush. And a tush demean-- it's isolated posterior movement. Let's take a lesson. It's tyra versus rob in a model-off. Are you guys ready? Oh. Kelly and I will be the judges. So, here we go. You and I will judge. All right. Ready. We're going to start with fitness. Pick up the ball, rob. You get that weight. This is fitness. I'm going to give you the motions. You work it. All right. What do you want me to do. I need you to express mysterious. Mysterious? We have 30 seconds. I feel like -- 30 seconds.

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{"id":17071952,"title":"'America's Next Top Model' New Season Preview","duration":"3:00","description":"Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans discuss changes to hit show. ","url":"/GMA/video/americas-top-model-tyra-banks-interview-season-preview-17071952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}