Amish School Shooter's Wife: 'He Was Getting Back at the Lord'

Marie Monville discusses her husband's 2006 attack on an Amish schoolhouse.
4:06 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for Amish School Shooter's Wife: 'He Was Getting Back at the Lord'
with marie monville. She was married to the man that committed the amish shooting seven years ago. This is the first time that marie has spoke on tn to the media. Up until now, choosing a quiet life and living among the neighbors that her husband terrorized on that day. She and her family have been able to find peace while still searching for answers. America's latest school shooting brings horror to the amish world. Reporter: A rural community known for shunning the modern world. What happened today in the west nickel mines amish school in rourl lancaster county, pennsylvania, has horrified the country. Reporter: A lone gunman sto stormed a schoolhouse and shot ten girls, killing five before taking his own life. The man responsible, charles robert, a husband and father of three. It appears that when he began shooting the victims, they were shot execution-style in the head. Reporter: He lived less than a mile from the school he terror ized, though not amish himself. His wife is finally able to discuss it now, seven years later. The question people ask is why. I heard from charlie about the loss of our first daughter. In some way, he felt like he was getting back at the lord for the loss we sustain period. Reporter: Do you believe your husband was mentally ill? On that day, yes. Reporter: He laned it out? It was suggested to me that all those years of undealt with depression made for a psychotic break on that day. It was a very normal day. The kids were getting ready for school. Everything felt as it should be. Charlie walked to the bus stop that morning with us. Reporter: He had you call the kids back, because he wanted to say one last thing to them. Right, he told them that he loved them and gave them each a kiss before they boarded the bus that morning. Reporter: Did it seem unusual? In that moment, it didn't. Looking back on it, it was definitely a distinct moment. Reporter: It was a good-bye. It was. Reporter: Less than three hours later, marie heard from her husband. He called her. He did not tell her where he was. I was begging him not to do whatever it was he was planning to do and asking him to come home. He was telling me it was too late. Reporter: Minutes later, roberts shot the girls. What were the days and weeks leading up? There was heavy tns weekend before. You look back you thing, what were the science? How did I not see that coming? Reporter: How did your children react? It was the thing I dreaded the most. Of all the things I ever thought might be hard about life, this by far surpasses all of them. Reporter: Marie has remarried. Their children from previous marriages now part of their own modern family. Marie has started a new chapter. The greatest difficulty was reconciling that the man she loved was a murder. I loved the way that he was with kids. The very thing that drew me to him was the very thing that he chose to act if the complete opposite way. And, there was if you can find one, a silver lining in this. I thing we can all remember the incredible forgiveness extended to marie and her family by the amish community. Within hours, the very people that lost their little girls came to the house to reach out the marie and her children, offered their comfort and support to them. That is why she is where she is today. And her children are doing so well. Incredible. Thank you, that is some

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{"id":20419498,"title":"Amish School Shooter's Wife: 'He Was Getting Back at the Lord'","duration":"4:06","description":"Marie Monville discusses her husband's 2006 attack on an Amish schoolhouse.","url":"/GMA/video/amish-school-shooters-wife-back-lord-20419498","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}