Analyzing Facial Features May Help Judge Your Success

The face may betray our true emotions and could be used to predict our intentions.
2:25 | 12/28/14

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Transcript for Analyzing Facial Features May Help Judge Your Success
Along these lines, we have a fascinating story this morning that when it comes to analyzing people it may actually be possible to judge a book by its cover. Experts are being called in to try to figure out if an athlete or a politician has what it takes to succeed all by studying their game face I guess. It's a real thing and ABC's Sara Haines is here with more on this new trend. It ends up that actions do speak louder than words but we're talking about your facial actions or reactions before you ever step foot on the court. The Milwaukee Bucs select Jabari parker. Reporter: Turns out the Milwaukee bus didn't just select Jabari parker based on his amazing record but also his winning smile. There was just enough resolve and determination that I felt he could take the team on his shoulders and he wouldn't back down. Reporter: Dan hill was hired by the Bucs to get an edge when selecting new players. They threw a lot of video tape at me in ten hours. The face is the only place in the body where the muscles attach right to the skin. It's quick, real time data. Reporter: They culted on the Mexican presidential campaign. Looking ahead to our presidential election, the two declared front runners. Her risk is that she's too strong. It's Goldie lox, the porridge is too hot. This smirk could send a combative signal. Similarly, the athletes' abilities are measured using the tiniest of facial cues, like tennis star Rafael Nadal's mean streak on the court. He normally shows anger and disgust. His characteristic is his nose wrinkles. Hill says he can predict intentions, predictions and actions. He analyzed your face and said that your smile is genuine and your empathy for people is also genuine. I love you, Mr. Hill. Did he really say that? It's true. He's spot on. I don't even know what what to say. Game over. Drop the mic.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The face may betray our true emotions and could be used to predict our intentions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27861167","title":"Analyzing Facial Features May Help Judge Your Success","url":"/GMA/video/analyzing-facial-features-judge-success-27861167"}