Alleged Terror Mastermind Anas Al-Libi to Face Judge

After 15 years on the run, al-Libi to Be Tried in United States in 1998 embassy attacks.
1:43 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Terror Mastermind Anas Al-Libi to Face Judge
the latest on that suspected al qaeda terror leader, al libi. Apertured by american special forces in libya. One of the most wanted men in the world, on u.S. Soil, right here in new york city. And a twist, that life-threatening medical condition. Pierre thomas is here with more on this. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Al libi is under tight security somewhere in the new york region, and could be right here in court, as early as today. After 15 years on the run, al libi, one of the world's most-wanted terrorists, will now face justice for the devastating 1998 attack in east africa, against u.S. Embassies. More than 200 people were killed, including 12 americans. Overnight, while most of us were asleep, there were two horrific car bombing explosions in the east african nations of kenya and tanzania. Reporter: He arrived saturday, under armed guard, after u.S. Officials attempted to question him for ten days. But abc news has learned the interrogation was stopped because of al libi's failing health. Sources tell us he has hepatitis c, a viral infection that atta attacks the liver. Al libi is receiving medical treatment at a secret location in the new york area. The government plans to nurse him back to health, so he can face trial for his alleged role of masterminding the plots so many years ago. Despite his health, because he is a top al qaeda leader captured in recent memory, al libi will move throughout the nation's biggest city, amid an army of security. And in court, he will be surrounded by u.S. Marshals. Bad health or not, sources say, it's time for justice to be served. Good to have you here with us, pierre. Thank you.

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{"id":20573003,"title":"Alleged Terror Mastermind Anas Al-Libi to Face Judge","duration":"1:43","description":"After 15 years on the run, al-Libi to Be Tried in United States in 1998 embassy attacks.","url":"/GMA/video/anas-al-libi-alleged-terror-mastermind-1998-embassy-20573003","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}