Woman Accused of Hindering Probe Into Husband's Death

Prosecutors say Andrea Sneiderman was having an affair with the man who shot and killed her husband.
3:54 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for Woman Accused of Hindering Probe Into Husband's Death
the sensational trial of a mother of two, accused hindering the investigation of the murder of her husband. Prosecutors say she was involved in a romance with her former boss. 1250e6 steve osunsami has the latest. Reporter: Was andrea sneiderman, a happily married mother? Or was he is a little too close to the man convicted of his murder? This morning, 37-year-old andrea sneiderman is facing more than a dozen charges of lying under oath, perjury, and hindering the investigation into her husband's murder. The evidence will show how their relationship ended in the murder of her husband. Reporter: Prosecuting say they believe she was having an affair with the man who shot her husband in cold blood. They say she kept that important information from police. Even while she was staring into the police sketch of a shooter. Her husband, rusty sneiderman, was hit in the chest. He had just dropped off their young soons. Six weeks later, police arrest hemy neuman. Prosecutors were starting to suspect that andrea sneiderman was having an affair with her boss. Four months after the trial, she was indicted. Under oath, she denied having the aware. Saying she put up with the unwanted advances to keep her job. But in court on monday, jurors heard from a waitress, who said she saw the two passionately kissing on a business trib in south carolina. This was a loving kiss. A passionate kiss, yes. Reporter: Her lawyers insisted she did nothing wrong and gave police his name within 34 hours. Was that done in a way the police and the prosecutor wouldn't get the truth of what led to the death of rusty sneiderman. Reporter: A jury will try to get at that truth. If convicted, she faces up to ten years for each charge. Going to bring in dan abrams. How unusual is it. It's very unusual lp you start with her as a so conspirator to murder. Then, a party in the crime of murder. Now, they're charges her on perjury accounts and lying to authorities. During his trial, the brgs and the defense were suggesting she's behind this. I don't think there's any question that the prosecutor believes she's involved in this murder. They just can't prove it. What's the key issue here? Did they have an acquire? Or didn't they? She says there was no affair. Maybe he was interested in me, et cetera. But I didn't have an affair with him. And prosecutors are saying, yes, you did. Why is that so important? It's not important. What's important is did she lie under oath about it. Did she lie to authorities about it. And did the lies hinder the investigation of this days? While she is having atawdry aware, there's much broader issues. Dan, thank you very much. We're turning to the case of a utah beauty queen, accused of making and throwing powerful

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{"id":19880132,"title":"Woman Accused of Hindering Probe Into Husband's Death","duration":"3:54","description":"Prosecutors say Andrea Sneiderman was having an affair with the man who shot and killed her husband.","url":"/GMA/video/andrea-sneiderman-trial-woman-accused-hindering-probe-husbands-19880132","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}