Andrew Dice Clay Teams Up With Woody Allen for 'Blue Jasmine'

The controversial comedian discusses auditioning for the famed director.
3:15 | 07/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Andrew Dice Clay Teams Up With Woody Allen for 'Blue Jasmine'
Josh and -- I waited a long time for that. Josh and dice, yes. I'm here with the diceman. We and my boys in college, we knew every word to every bit. Somewhat controversial comedian, andrew dice clay. But his co-star of "blue jasmine" said, he was a beautiful teddy bear that didn't swear once. It's called blue jasmine." You and woody, how did you manage? My manager said he wanted to meet me. I thought he was kidding. From all of the writer/directors he wanted to feet. How was the feeting? The meeting was amazing. I had two pages. And he said, it was perfect. I said, I guess I'll see you on the set. It's an incredible film to be with someone like cate blanchett. And work with academy award winners. I feel fumbled by that experience. It's not like the standup comedy I'm used to doing. I do vegas. And doing a lot of concerts. My podcast, rolling with dice and wheels is number 23 in the world. You're doing that, then. It's something of a collaborative effort. We have a clip. You're fighting with your ex-wife. Her sister who is something like bernie madoff's wife is coming to stay with her. Here's what your character has to say about that. All of that money, she wanted nothing to do with you. Now that she's broke, she's moving in. She's not just broke. She's swroued up. She's family. That was our whole chance in life. For the last time, augie. He was the crook. Up to -- phony real estate. And you want to tell me she knew nothing about it? Comfortable character. We find any similarities? You find any similarities to you and augie? You know what? I was just glad I got to play a more dramatic role, something i haven't done yet. I really didn't expect this kind of attention. I wanted to do a great job for woody allen. You did. A phenomenal movie. Andrew dice clay. "Blue jasmine" opens this friday. Currently performing at the hard rock in las vegas. The new documentary coming out. Very exciting project. Like I said, with "entourage." Thank you so much. Coming up here, the mom behind the online sensation, the honest toddler.

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{"id":19757990,"title":"Andrew Dice Clay Teams Up With Woody Allen for 'Blue Jasmine'","duration":"3:15","description":"The controversial comedian discusses auditioning for the famed director.","url":"/GMA/video/andrew-dice-clay-teams-woody-allen-blue-jasmine-19757990","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}