Andrew Garfield Talks 'Silence'

The actor appears live in Times Square to discuss his new film "Silence."
3:59 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Andrew Garfield Talks 'Silence'
He is fresh off the golden globes and he starred in "Silence," the movie that was 28 years in the making playing a Portuguese missionary and in this clip they're talking about parishioners. Let's take a look. They have us, we comfort them. How much longer can we do that? We asked for this mission, Francisco. We prayed for this in the exercises. God heard us then. And he hears us now. All right. Welcome, Andrew Garfield, man. Thank you for having me. Thanks for being here. Thank you, always love seeing you. Before we get to "Silence" there's a congratulations in order. You were nominated for a bafta which is the British oscars basically for "Hacksaw ridge" so congratulations are in order for that. Thank you. And you just were at the golden globes as well and there was a kiss that happened when Ryan gosling was walking up for -- you were nominated as well and won a consolation with a kiss from Ryan reynolds. Explain. It was actually Ryan Reynolds that was up in the same category with Ryan. I was in a different category. And I said to Ryan Reynolds, I said, if you win, I think we should -- I think we should kiss before you go up there and he was very kind of keen on the idea. As I knew he would be and then when he didn't win I was disappointed for him but mostly disappointed that our plan couldn't come to fruition then I said we could -- whether you win or lose, we could still just enjoy the moment. Make it happen. And it was just my way of showing my appreciation for him and, you know, saying you're enough no matter whether you win or lose. Oh, you know, you're a good man and I love his wife's reaction sitting right next. She loved it. I think it was nice for Blake to have a break from his mouth. And your film "Silence" you literally dove into this role. You went on a seven-day silent retreat and how was that? What was that like? That was a part of the preparation, yeah. It was a year of preparation for this film that I gave myself, you know, because as you said Marty scorsese wanted to make this film for 28 years and a part of that was a seven-day retreat I did with Adam, Adam driver who plays the other priest in the film and, yeah, it was an incredible thing to switch off all technology and to just be with yourself which is kind of a rare occurrence for us in our culture right now so it was a beautiful, beautiful thing. Something that can be scary too. You can find out something about yourself you never know. Oh, plenty, plenty. A lot. But I have one question too, also when it was over and you and Adam are in the car and like seven days of size was over what was the first things you said. It was the craze severity conversation I've ever had. I don't know what happened. It was as if I don't know we had been in this deeply pure contemplative state for seven days and I think because of that, all of this filth decided to come out of our mouths like it was the bluest conversation I think I've ever had with anyone and just tears of laughter and giggling and just kind -- I can't remember what it was but it was pretty dark and awful stuff we were saying to each other. I tell you what, I saw the film and this is a very -- it was a tough shoot but you lost 40 pounds. Wow, he looks thin -- I don't even weigh 40 pounds. You know, I mean it was a part of the -- it was a part of the job. These mission airs were so devoted to their cause and, you know, there wasn't a lot of food going around in the 1600s in Japan especially around -- with the farmers that these men were hanging around with so it was just to uphold the reality of the situation we were depicting. We're glad you're dedicated to your craft as well. Congratulations on the bafta nomination, my friend. Good luck on that and "Silence"

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The actor appears live in Times Square to discuss his new film \"Silence.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44696478","title":"Andrew Garfield Talks 'Silence'","url":"/GMA/video/andrew-garfield-talks-silence-44696478"}