Andy Rooney Passes Away

Beloved commentator dies at the age of 92.
2:45 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Andy Rooney Passes Away
Some sad news to report this morning about one of the biggest names in our business CBS newsman and sixty minutes commentator Andy Rooney has guy -- 92 years old. ABC's George Stephanopoulos has a look back now at a remarkable career. You know something I don't like chocolate chip cookies. He was America's lovable -- grumpy uncle you know -- as pushy and then pull out. It sounds good but you can't push again and if you do get it pushed and it -- -- it up. This is a box of minute rice fine. But it takes just three minutes to open the box delivering more than 1000 commentaries on sixty minutes beginning in 1978. I don't know anything offhand that -- as Americans more than a -- they put you tell bottles. Making them Monday and -- consequential. Here's a little package the kind of crackers say if you would sue but a lunch counter they're supposed to be a little handy -- But you can never find it. His irreverent observations resonated with the American public there's no doubt about it dogs nicer than people. Andy -- was born in 1919. During World War II he wrote for the army newspaper stars and stripes and in 1949 he got his big break. As a writer for CBS comedy show. This is mr. -- is -- The favorite -- of the men from another planet who pilot the plane sources is the news. -- For decades he worked -- CBS news writing for other correspondence. I worked for Harry Reasoner for -- ten years -- lot of what he read. No thought as much -- until it is written or spoken but in 1978 his second wife and TV began when he was asked to speak his own words. And a few minutes -- Andy Rooney became a national sensation. Why is -- we look forward in the mail coming every day so famous he was a fixture on Saturday Night Live. And then. -- Andy Rooney. -- -- about 100 of these letters every single day. I never open I don't like -- I set fires -- -- -- has got him in trouble over the years he was suspended by CBS for three months in 1990. For remarks he made about homosexuals and African Americans. The ratings plummeted during his absence and he soon returned as a Sunday night staple. I'm Mike Wallace I'm Morley Safer. I'm Harry Reasoner I'm Ed Bradley. Just three weeks ago in learning signed off for the last time after 33 and New Year's holidays time. I've been paid to say what is on my mind on television. -- don't get any -- here in life than that. And we were lucky to listen to Andy Rooney was 92 years old.

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{"id":14887305,"title":"Andy Rooney Passes Away","duration":"2:45","description":"Beloved commentator dies at the age of 92.","url":"/GMA/video/andy-rooney-passes-14887305","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}