Angry Dad Shoots Teen's Laptop

Angry at daughter's online posts, father is seen shooting teens computer.
2:34 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Angry Dad Shoots Teen's Laptop
Online video that ignited a firestorm a father so angry about what his daughter was posting online that he fired his gun at her laptop. Of course this raises a lot of questions it is this a good way for a parent to make a point the story from ABC's Dan -- -- right here. Is 45. That was a -- -- -- round of tough love between a North Carolina father and his daughter with a squeeze of -- trigger all because of a routine letter Tommy Jordan found on his daughter -- FaceBook page to. My parents. I'm not your -- -- I'm tired of taking a back to you tell me at least once a day that I could get a job. How hard it is to keep open -- school work it's freaking crazy. Disgusted by his daughter's online brand Jordan posted this video capturing his punishment. Dirty Harry star. 1234560. Yeah. And I -- that comment your you made about your mom your mom told me to be sure -- when -- for her so that was from her. Jordan's high tech showdown has caught the attention of more than nine million YouTube viewers setting off a firestorm online you -- an incredible father person for what you've done. Not just because of the video but the love you have shown for your family. Thank you want to take my twelve year old son for the summer. LO well you're doing a great job but others aren't so glowing I hope your daughter leaves when she is eighteen and never talks to you again. Hope it was worth losing her over events and on the -- some more outraged at what they saw. Yeah that's -- entire thing. -- So what's a parent to do what he's doing is he's embarrassing and humiliating his daughter. In front of the world. Let -- her peers. And all that will do -- incited a rage in her right or wrong it's a lesson being heard round the world. Polk and Jordan -- fiasco on FaceBook won't that was -- all this. -- -- Jordan explains that as FaceBook page he doesn't care what his critics think he says that if he had to he would do it all over again he says that he his daughter is wiped his mother they're all okay with what he did. And they are the only ones that matter -- People are divided across the country Dan thank you so here's your chance to sound off at home do you think this dad went too far forty think he did the right thing. But our page on FaceBook and tell us what you think.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Angry at daughter's online posts, father is seen shooting teens computer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15561785","title":"Angry Dad Shoots Teen's Laptop","url":"/GMA/video/angry-dad-shoots-teens-laptop-15561785"}