Ann Romney on Mitt's Speech: 'It Was a Thrill'

The Republican candidate's wife discusses her husband's big night at the RNC.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney on Mitt's Speech: 'It Was a Thrill'
We're joined by the nominee's wife, ann romney. Thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you, george. Let me begin also by thanking you very much about your kind words about robin yesterday. Everyone here appreciates that. Well, you know, it's amazing what she's going through right now. Our love is with her. She's lost her mother. I don't think there's a hard er thing we do in our lives, than to lose our mothers. Our thoughts and prayers, robin, they're with you. Thank you so much. Let's talk a little about last night. America saw a lot more of your husband in a much more personal way than they ever have before. How hard was that for him? You know, he was backstage -- I can tell you, for me, it was a thrill because there were people there that have been in our past, that just -- they just thrilled me to death. Those were the stories that really, really, I loved america hearing because that's the lens through which I see my husband. And I read last night that in the moments before governor romney went out, he was backstage, reflecting on a photo of his father. Wow. You know, it was interesting. When my son, craig, was speaking. He spoke at the convention last night, too. And he said there was a moment when craig choked up. And he said the reason I did, mom, he said, I sensed that my grandfather was standing right next to me. And I'm sure he was standing next to mitt, too, last night. And you know, we stand on the shoulders of all those that have gone before us. And I think there are moments like -- important moments in our life, like last night for mitt, where I'm sure his father was with him. How did you celebrate after? As you might imagine, with all of the grandchildren, again. All these little ones. I don't think they had more fun in their lives than that balloon drop. I don't know if you know, george. They were down in the stairs. We were watching. Some of them are little. When some of the balloons were falling, I was in my heels. And I was diving down because i thought some of them -- they were. They were buried in there. We couldn't even find them. But they had such a great time. And then, afterwards, they all came up to the room. It was very late for them, as you might imagine. They are very little. It didn't matter. They were screaming and jumping on their grandfather. We were so proud of him. I loved seeing all of the untucked shirts on the podium. You made no secret, the first time around, when you and the governor were running four years ago, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world for you. It was pretty tough at times. No. You were also even more convinced after the first run again than he was. Why? Well, for me, you know, i joked. It was like, I really did say to him after the last run, I would never do this again. And I was the first one, the second time around, to say you have no choice. But must run again. It was because of his real-world experience and his ability to turn things around. His involvement in operations where I've seen him have very, very difficult situations and be able to bring certain expertise to turning very difficult situations around. And in my speech, I don't know if you heard me say this, very emphatica emphatically, this man will not fail. I have to ask you, what was going through your mind last night when you were watching clint eastwood? I was grateful for his support. Was mr. Eastwood's speech a surprise? No. I, frankly, hadn't given it much thought. I didn't know he was coming on stage. You said you were convinced that your husband would succeed. He would not fail. Have you given much thought of the kind of role you would like to play if, in deed, governor romney becomes president? For a long time, I've worked with at-risk youth. And my concern is that every child lives their fullest potential. I would hope that I get to work with at-risk youth. Congratulations on the convention. And thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you, george.

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{"id":17124741,"title":"Ann Romney on Mitt's Speech: 'It Was a Thrill'","duration":"3:00","description":"The Republican candidate's wife discusses her husband's big night at the RNC.","url":"/GMA/video/ann-romney-interivew-mitt-romneys-speech-republican-national-17124741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}