Ann Romney, Paralympian Reveal Benefits of Horse Therapy

"GMA" guest host joins paralympian Becca Hart in explaining benefits of working with the animal.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney, Paralympian Reveal Benefits of Horse Therapy
First, though, we want to dive into one of ann romney's biggest passions. Here with us this morning is an extraordinary young woman, becca hart, and her horse. You have a different name for him? We call him lolu. He's being patient with everybody in times square. Their story shows how incredibly helpful the beautiful animals can be. In rebecca's case, it's a journey that took her all the way to the parra olympics. She is a champion equestrian, training with this horse. Not just to win, but to walk. At 2 years old, becca was diagnosed with a genetic disease that degrades your lower body messs me muscles. There's a thinking that when you're a child, the disability to go away. And you'll be like everybody else. But that's not what happen Reporter: At 10 years old, becca fell in love with forces. I put on the boots. I put on the helmet. And I got on the horse. I found out that it actually started to take away the disability. Not completely. But it was considerably improved. Probably within one or two rides. Reporter: And doctors say, riding a horse has helped her muscle memory and strength. They think it's will push my mobility to maintain my mobility much farther into the future. Reporter: For the past 18 years, horse therapy has given becca a chance to compete as an athlete in international competitions and in two paralympic games. Making the impossible her reality. It gave me a sense of freedom and vitality I didn't have before. We're thrilled to have becca hart and her horse here in times square. Hopefully lolu won't get spooked. Doing amazing for all that's going on. Ann, let me ask you a question. How did you and becca meet? I gave her her award. She ended up being the top champion in the united states. I had the honor of giving her the award that gave herhe privilege of going and representing the united states at the paralympices in london. I want to ask you about horse therapy or equine therapy. Without it, where would you be? It's maintained my mobility. The fact that I'm standing here in times square with a horse is phenomenal to me. Bauds of him. Yeah. I hope a lot of people are hearing this. They can learn a little something. What is it about horse therapy or equine therapy? It's so extraordinary, what horses do for us. For me, it's balance. It's love. It's joy. What they're doing for so many other people right now. We have wounded vets coming home. And they're turning to horses for therapy. We have kids with autism,s a burgers, they get on a horse. They become strong and confident. But horses, they're a gift from god, is the way I look at it. And they're a partner in our life journey. And they can bring such joy. Phenomenal. You've been very vocal about your diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. Have you used equine therapy for yourself? I certainly have. And like becca, not as disabled as becca. But I was very, very weak and very much worried about my life, thinking I was going to be in a wheelchair, as well. I turned to horses. My life has been dramatically different. It gave me the energy, the passion, to get out of bed when I was sick, I didn't think i wanted to get out of bed. Will you continue competing, becca? Absolutely. We're rooting for you, becca. And thank you for sharing this wonderful story. You're amazing. We thank you all for being with us.

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{"id":17441709,"title":"Ann Romney, Paralympian Reveal Benefits of Horse Therapy","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" guest host joins paralympian Becca Hart in explaining benefits of working with the animal.","url":"/GMA/video/ann-romney-paralympian-reveal-benefits-horse-therapy-17441709","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}