Ann Romney's Plane Forced to Land

Clayton Sandell has the latest on emergency landing of GOP candidate's wife.
3:00 | 09/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ann Romney's Plane Forced to Land
Also, that scare in the air for ann romney. Her campaign plane was forced to make an energy landing in colorado, after smoke filled the cabin at 44,000 feet. Clayton sandell has the latest from denver. Clayton? Reporter: Good morning to you, bianna. It was an unexpected stop here in denver and emergency landing, made by quick-thinking pilots, as the plane carrying ann romney was filling with smoke. Trouble at 40,000 feet. We've had an electrical issue here. And we're going to declare an emergency. Reporter: Just after 2:00 p.M. Friday, a mall fanks on the plane carrying ann romney and her team, on their way from a campaign stop in omaha, nebraska, to santa monica, california. We have smoke in the cabin. We're going to see the severity right now. Reporter: The pilots made a turn for denver international airport, about ten miles away. The crew telling everyone to buckle their seat belts. Very scary for all of us. When you are in a cabin and you see smoke coming out of the back of a plane, that is something that's very disconcerting. Reporter: A flight attendant reportedly uses a fire extinguisher to control the smoke, now beginning to irritate passenger eyes and throats. Pilots ask for firefighters to meet the plane. Once on the ground, all ten crew and passengers evacuate. We were informed by the crew that the safest spot would be nearest to the exit, which was the front boarding door. Mrs. Romney was already seated in that spot. Reporter: Mitt romney's press secretary tweeting the source of the smoke, apparently an electrical fire. Ann romney spoke with her husband by phone, letting him know everyone was safe. Now, after about two hours, a new plane was brought in. And ann romney was once again off to california, where today, she will meet up with her husband. As for mitt romney, he will be back here in swing state, colorado, tomorrow night.

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{"id":17297789,"title":"Ann Romney's Plane Forced to Land","duration":"3:00","description":"Clayton Sandell has the latest on emergency landing of GOP candidate's wife.","url":"/GMA/video/ann-romneys-plane-forced-land-17297789","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}