Anne Hathaway Is the 'Jewel' of 'Rio 2'

The Oscar-winning actress stops by "GMA" to talk about her role in the new animated film.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for Anne Hathaway Is the 'Jewel' of 'Rio 2'
Test Text1 plain Back at 8:43. And Anne Hathaway is flying into theaters in "Rio 2." The first "Rio" stole the hearts of kids and parents in 2011. And the sequel picks up where they left off. This time, jewel has new family members. We're not people. We're birds. You have to get in the wild and be birds, blue. Let the kids connect to their roots. Show them what I have. They need this. We need this. Come on, blue. What do you say? So excited to have Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway with us. Good morning. Good morning. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much. I'm nowhere near as awake as rob Lowe. I have to get that. I have to clear that up, right off the bat. It's not a competition. I'm the guest you wake up with. Really. Congratulations on "Rio 2." Thank you. I love the story. What do you think people will find most delicious with this go around with the gang? Well, I think -- it's really exciting, I think, when a sequel surpasses the first one. And it's rare when that happens. And I think Carlos saldanha, the director, and the blue sky animation team has achieved that. What I loved about the first one, you will get more of that and maybe like it better. And there's a beautiful message about saving the environment. And a message about your character, who now has kids. A momma. Jessen Eisenberg's character. That's weird because Jesse and I began careers playing brother and sister. And now, we're married with kids. It's funny the twists and turns. When did you play? Jesse and I were on a TV show, 15 years ago, called "Get real." That's hilarious. I had no idea. It was nice. We grew up in New Jersey right next to each other. And we met in Hollywood. Didn't see each other for a decade. And met again on this job. It's meant to be. Maybe. Let us know what your next project is going to be. Also, Bruno Mars. Yes. It was hard for me to believe watching it. Your chemistry is really adorable. That you had -- I know, in animation, you don't see the actors. With him, you must have been in the studio together. Bruno is that -- thank you. And Bruno is that charismatic. We've actually never met. I've never met him. Hello, Bruno. What's up? So, I hear he's really nice. He sounds great in the movie. He's actually funny in it. I didn't know that about him. He's so funny. He's been on "Saturday night live" a couple times. He's hilarious. And the music is great. Yeah. That's the thing about a cartoon, you know it's a home run when there is something not only for your kids. You know as a parent, you're going to see it more than once. You're going to see it a lot. I feel guilty when parents come up to me and say, I've seen your film like hundreds and hundreds of times. And I can tell if they like the film by how much edge to their voice they have when they say that. But the soundtrack in this one, I'm not just saying -- I'm a little biased. But I listen to the soundtrack in my car when I'm driving around. It's so much fun. It's definitely got the beat. Which led us to wonder. Your voice is beautiful. Thank you. You have in "Les mis" and now, we hear it, loud and clear. Are you going to segue and record some of your own music? No. Thank you. Thank you. I would like to encourage that. That's so sweet of you. No, I don't. I like what I do. I love acting. And it's very -- it's a very challenging job to have. It's not like, you know -- I don't -- I'm not like a fireman. I'm not, you know, a firefighter. It's not challenging in that way. But it is something that I find challenging. I want to dedicate myself to it. I don't want to split my focus. And I have a lot of friends who are musicians. I'm happy to have it as a hobby. I'm not going to pursue it. As a tool in terms of acting. So many people weighing in. They were thrilled that you were coming back on the show. I love this one. Instagram question from one of our viewers. 6-year-old, Sammy. Let's take a look. Okay. Hi. So cute. Who is your favorite princess and why? I can't hear her. Who is your favorite princess and why because she loved you when you played a princess. Sammy, I think you're a princess. And I don't have my contacts in because it's too early. Thank you. Thank you very much. Who is -- real-life princess? Whatever you want. Sammy wants to know. Gosh. My favorite princess -- I think right now my favorite princess is Kate Middleton. But is he is a duchess? We're going to go with it. Kate Middleton. I think she's lovely. And she makes me happy. And that royal wedding, it could not be beat. Indeed. And neither can "Rio 2." Great to see you. "Rio 2" is in theaters everywhere on Friday.

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{"id":23235549,"title":"Anne Hathaway Is the 'Jewel' of 'Rio 2'","duration":"3:00","description":"The Oscar-winning actress stops by \"GMA\" to talk about her role in the new animated film.","url":"/GMA/video/anne-hathaway-interview-2014-actress-jewel-rio-23235549","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}