Anne Rice Reveals Details of New Thriller

Best-selling author discusses her career, new book "The Wolf Gift" on "GMA."
4:04 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Anne Rice Reveals Details of New Thriller
And now to the queen of vampires bestselling author and -- is turning her attention to Wear wolves creating a new supernatural hero in the wolf gift. She talked to our special contributor Cameron mathison -- this new chapter in her amazing career. When you thought you dearly scary and the super natural. -- really comes to -- And rice. -- were created in this tiny. Cramped office now we've -- -- his desert home outside Palm Springs, California. It's a treasure trove of books ideas. And. Obesity epidemic. Right from page one who knows this visual and so -- script I couldn't help but wonder if you were already thinking about a movie. And loved movies so much and I see it as a movie isn't writing you know I'm sitting I'm. Going on the keyboard and I'm mumbling the lines outlawed. -- singing every shot I see what's happening so I'm dying for all my books to be movies they already are your -- there. There. Keeping the pop in her culture ms. rice checks -- FaceBook page before anything else with her morning coffee. How and hope -- having a great day games are ready to read the -- -- still give Tanya. The woman who brought vampires to modern day entertainment has a new novel the wolf. And its hero and center of the story not a vampire bottle where will be named Rubin so I. Had -- the queen of vampires that. Well you know there. Twilight question is and -- on team Edward or team -- I'm -- are needed. And -- -- died you know any -- go to -- and aren't. I wonder who she envisions to play the werewolf Woburn a newspaper reporter by day and the wolfman at night who would you see playing -- Matt Palmer. Culprit -- Three -- up over I think he's a charming wonderful actor. -- he's certain flair. But makes a few weeks I think he's so good like countless -- so funny and so fresh and so wonderfully handsome and at the same time sort of unassuming and charming. I would love to see him -- and who else would you like to see what led to seek -- -- playing his brother Jeb the same person who plays his boss on white collar. -- white collar fan right I am I have. This legendary queen of fiction is a huge TV and movie addict which Kilmeny. -- researching new novel well oh how you really die then to the subjects when you're tackling and you. Devour -- subjects and so you talked about seeing some movies as part of the research I did. And went back to Lon Chaney junior. The great black and white movies such -- wonderful tragic heroes so upset about being aware who -- It helps apple mr. And the movie was so great. All black and -- the big mysterious house who. Came across so many -- -- Who -- and I'm crazy about Michael J. Fox I I had to see that. I thought it was great fun really Jack Nicholson in 1990 -- war. Remember that. -- Benicio del Toro two years ago. Who was your favorite -- wolf it's gotta be Lauren Chaney junior running running around in that shirt trousers -- Up -- -- -- conflict if there. -- -- That's what that it I have to say yeah at seventy with a hundred million books sold is it time to maybe take a break even retire. During the desert she's surrounded by golf courses you don't wanna come on hit some balls and -- -- -- -- And -- is terrific.

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{"id":15631335,"title":"Anne Rice Reveals Details of New Thriller","duration":"4:04","description":"Best-selling author discusses her career, new book \"The Wolf Gift\" on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/anne-rice-reveals-details-thriller-wolf-gift-15631335","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}