Anonymous Hackers Strike Again

Infamous hacker group targets government website to protest anti-piracy rules.
2:40 | 02/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anonymous Hackers Strike Again
Secret of hacking group taking on law enforcement and racking up some real victories. They go by the name anonymous in this weekend they are really on its hair Ron Claiborne is back he's all over this story this morning good morning. Dan good morning to continue to their to have -- latest action they really are on a chair was paralyzing the Swedish government. There website that is what they -- of fake users it was the most recent in a series of -- blizzard of cyber assaults around the world the past few days including hacking into a private conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard these hackers are. If nothing else bolt. On Saturday they struck again. This time in Stockholm Sweden where they crash the government's official website. It capped a frenetic 24 hours of cyber attacks across the globe on Friday they get -- taking down their Justice Department's web site. Then they hit in the United States -- into various web sites police departments in Boston then in Syracuse, New York. And -- in Salt Lake City. I'm home home you -- them. We were able to access various databases that -- personnel information but also vital data on police informants as -- concern. -- -- -- -- the attackers release this recording on Friday. Mature pretty only two -- -- Aaron an audiotape of a conference call they'd intercepted over. Amazing about this was not only -- they intercepts a confidential email. They were able to leverage the information -- -- email to listen in on an FBI conference call with Scotland Yard and then they. Audio transcript. Call. -- -- -- -- -- -- So who's behind these attacks. A loosely connected band of hackers known as anonymous -- seen in web video they're always disguised. A peaceful resolution of the group is fighting for various and changing causes -- taken on the church of Scientology's. Crash the web sites of visa and MasterCard. And in the case of hitting the Boston TV they were retaliating for how occupy protesters there were treated. -- want to prove to the government apparently that they're smarter. Little is known about who the people are behind anonymous or what if anything the group actually wants. The hacker group -- also threatened more follow up cyber attacks yesterday which did not materialize but whoever they are they have shown that they do have the ability. To make a statement and get attention by piercing in his we've -- -- disabling corporate and government web site.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Infamous hacker group targets government website to protest anti-piracy rules. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15516681","title":"Anonymous Hackers Strike Again","url":"/GMA/video/anonymous-hackers-strike-15516681"}