'Anonymous' Takes First Step in 'Master Plan'

Hacking group claims stealing credit card information from global-security firm.
2:28 | 12/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Anonymous' Takes First Step in 'Master Plan'
The latest on that hacking group anonymous which claims to have stolen credit card information from top clients of a global security firm. And they say this is just the first death in their master plan. ABC's economic military -- -- with more on that story this is a pretty shocking scenario under way here -- as a brazen attack good morning to you Elizabeth. The global activists hacker group anonymous is taking credit for yet another infiltration this morning all in the name of charity. This time their target -- an intelligence think tank potentially compromising thousands of high profile clients from TV networks to the US government. The hacking movement anonymous are added again. This time claiming to have obtained thousands of credit card numbers and personal information from clients of security think tank strapped for. A leading provider of military economic and political analysis for clients ranging from apple to the US air force. In total up to one million dollars was reportedly stolen. Not so private and secret anymore anonymous taunted on a message on Twitter. Promising that the attack on strapped for it was just the beginning of a Christmas inspired assault on a long list of targets Stratford web site shut down with the message. They can clean out your bank account or use your credit card number in charge and number of items before it's ever figured out Alan -- -- fell victim to the attack. Now retired -- lives on a fixed income and says 700 dollars was stolen from his debit card were ardent. More hurt and big corporation. Were really hurting. People anonymous claims they aren't hurting people but rather donating the stolen money to various charities a modern day Robin Hood. He's gotten. -- -- Help them. -- burden receipts they -- showed donations to the red cross and saved the children foundation. They have in the past hacked in the systems taken money donated it to. Charitable nonprofits. That has occurred but other people -- just stealing just -- agreed. Ironically anonymous says that it was able to breaking distract -- system because they did not encrypt client information which have proven true would be an embarrassment for the security related -- Meantime the cherries will not be able to keep the donations anonymous -- them because of course they still want to know what it can't encrypt the beginning just something that most companies do so that's true that the black acrid --

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{"id":15233533,"title":"'Anonymous' Takes First Step in 'Master Plan'","duration":"2:28","description":"Hacking group claims stealing credit card information from global-security firm.","url":"/GMA/video/anonymous-takes-step-master-plan-15233533","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}