Teen Denied Heart Transplant Given Second Chance

Hospital reverses decision days after Anthony Stokes was told he was ineligible for transplant.
2:39 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Teen Denied Heart Transplant Given Second Chance
We turn to the 15-year-old boy who was denied a heart transplant, getting a second chance, now, though. An atlanta hospital is reversing its decision, putting him back on the transplant list, after his outraged parents went public. Saying he was singled out because of bad grades and bad behavior. Gio benitez is here. This is disturbing. Reporter: And complicated. Hours after abc news began looking into this, the mother says the hospital reversed course and had a change of heart. It comes at the right time because the boy has just months to live. Anthony stokes plays chess in an atlanta children's hospital. Battling an enlarged heart. In a new interview overnight, the 15-year-old's family says there's hope he will live. It's a sudden reversal. The family telling us the hospital now says stokes is back on the heart transplant list. Children's health care of atlanta saying only, a heart transplant evaluation is an ongoing process. His heart is critical, where he'll be put at the top of the list when a heart comes. Reporter: The news comes just days after the family was told he was no longer eligible to receive a transplant. In a letter to the family, removing stokes from the list, the hospital cited a history of noncompliance. Stokes' mother says doctors were concerned because her son had a rough history. And he had problems in the past showing up for doctors' appointments and taking the medicine. He will take his medicine because he knows that's how he's going to live. A 15-year-old -- Reporter: Stokes' mother took her case to the media. The story going viral online. It's the second time in as many parents that a family has apparently had organ donation rules altered after attracting media attention. In june, sara marnhan, went to court. Convincing a judge to put her on that list. This summer, she received two transplants. Some wonder if the public fights over organs are changing the rules. The resource is really limited. We also know that when programs decide to not transplant people, it's done very carefully. And not easily. Reporter: The hospital won't confirm that stokes is back on that waiting list. But tells us, there is a long and intense vetting process to figure out if a patient has the ability to follow through with the necessary care so that the new heart doesn't fail. Makes sense. But he only has six months to live. And this could take months. Gio, thank you.

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{"id":19955620,"title":"Teen Denied Heart Transplant Given Second Chance","duration":"2:39","description":"Hospital reverses decision days after Anthony Stokes was told he was ineligible for transplant.","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-stokes-heart-transplant-teen-denied-heart-transplant-19955620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}