Weiner's Wife Sought Hillary Clinton's Advice Amid Scandal

Huma Abedin says she felt like she 'couldn't breathe' during her husband's sexting scandal.
3:05 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weiner's Wife Sought Hillary Clinton's Advice Amid Scandal
It was salacious, even compared to all those other sordid political scandals. It is a shame. A shame. Reporter: He was the charismatic and ambitious congressman, a rising star among new york democrats. She the exotically beautiful globe-trotting senior adviser to hillary clinton. Anthony weiner and huma abedin came crashing down with the click of a mouse. Just tell me definitively is that a photograph of you? We're trying to find out where that photograph came from. Reporter: At first wiener denied tweeting lewd messages to young female followersore coming clean resigning in disgrace and going to rehab but two years later much has changed and they have a son jordan conceived before the scandal broke and wiener, the now stat-at-home dad is eyeing a run. They're finally breaking their silence. Huma telling the public about the world when he did that. I make it particularly to my wife huma. I feel like I couldn't breathe, she said, I felt like i was in an airplane really high in the air and the practice enis coming apart at the seams and i am just doing all I can to hang or for dear life. She says it's been a struggle to move on. "It took a long time to be able to sit on the couch next to him and say, okay, I understand. And forget. It was the right choice for me, I didn't make it lightly. The questionen 0 so many mind, why? Why did she forgive him. Women typically do not want to start over and they believe that any man they're going to meet is going to have some type of issue. Reporter: She admits she had countless conversations with longtime friend and boss hillary clinton, a woman who knows exactly what it's like to endure a public betrayal. While these won't talk about those conversations it has many wondering could political calculations played a part in her reconciliation. One of the thing voters like to get their arms around, whether this is someone that has a home life or a family life they can relate to. And up think it's a tremendous asset for him to have someone of her stature and grace standing by his side. Reporter: While she may never spell out the exact reason why she's standing by her man she says it's every woman's right to make whatever decision she wants and not be judged by it. They had only been married for a short time and by all accounts she was very much in love and pregnant with their first baby and here he was asking for a second chance. At one point wiener described huma sneaking to meet me in the trunk of her car to avoid the media. It was a sex scandal with no sex involved, just sexting. Huge scandal. Read the whole interview. It is really remarkable. Both thoughtful. Gripping stuff. It really is.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Huma Abedin says she felt like she 'couldn't breathe' during her husband's sexting scandal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18931512","title":"Weiner's Wife Sought Hillary Clinton's Advice Amid Scandal","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-weiner-scandal-wife-huma-abedin-sought-hillary-18931512"}