Apple to Announce How It Will Spend 97 Billion

The tech giant might announce its first dividend payment since 1995.
1:30 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Apple to Announce How It Will Spend 97 Billion
Apple the world's richest company making a highly anticipated announcement today. Having nothing to do with any product that starts with a lower case it does have everything to do however. With roughly 97 billion dollars burning holes in its collective pockets it's going to spend it. -- -- He's -- -- a military guard Jimmy weekend anchor here to tell us what to expect so what should we all expect it's a high class problem to have as a company right the most -- company in the world the richest company. A lot of people are speculating about actually paying -- dividend to shareholders they haven't been doing this since 1995 -- something Steve Jobs was adamantly against doing but there's been a lot of pressure that they do something with this 97 billion dollars. -- expect anywhere from -- -- to fourteen billion. Will be used to connected them so if they don't do that -- continue on -- jobs -- plan they look to buy something what might they be looking. Then there's been word of possible acquisitions in the passing by after some smaller software companies but of course having heard this company called Twitter -- -- -- -- -- time that I got going here frequent that we'll Twitter let's -- has an estimated value about eight point four billion dollars just so theoretically apple could buy -- eleven twitters. Just to give you an idea how much money they're sitting on an and we decided to see what -- apple could -- with all of that money. But talk that gas prices this year up 17% so far since January. Apple could theoretically pay two month supply every card -- kind in this country. Filling up their -- to want forget we supply deficits of an -- it's not gonna happen is not yet been we -- during Sonia Santos together with -- -- Las -- -- --

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{"id":15952154,"title":"Apple to Announce How It Will Spend 97 Billion","duration":"1:30","description":"The tech giant might announce its first dividend payment since 1995.","url":"/GMA/video/apple-announce-spend-97-billion-possibility-dividend-15952154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}