Apple Factories: An Exclusive Look

A look inside a Chinese factory run by Apple's biggest supplier.
4:50 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Apple Factories: An Exclusive Look
Now to an extraordinary look. Inside the world of apple the company that makes those gadgets that millions of us -- Nightline anchor Bill Weir was granted exclusive access to factory in China. Run by Apple's biggest supplier and brings us this is eight. Half -- really something we have seen exactly what goes on in there for years we've been asking the world's most valuable company for a glimpse inside for years they said no. But after serious allegations of forced overtime underage labor after explosions and chemicals killed and -- workers over there. Apple's been taking increasing heat for the way they run their factories especially the biggest supplier called fox -- and as pressure mounted. They invited not only us but also the fair labor association a trade group to audit Foxconn publish results. No matter how ugly they said we could talk to anyone go anywhere we want it to -- His little sample what we saw. The -- it's all so -- -- -- -- -- Touch screens all the more comfortable since the company that makes it has been shrouded in tantalizing secrecy. Until now have told us the very first annually over any -- and some help me. We've done dust free bunny suits to -- -- room filled with massive robots -- around sheets of iPad glass. His legacy -- But these lines are the futuristic exception. And with Apple's reputation under fire were most interested in the people who build their complex gadgets one tiny piece of the time. As a holds an incredibly complex process but look at the individuals. And -- -- mostly teenagers from the countryside. 1718. Year -- far away. From very poor homes so this is home they live in a dorm with seven stranger spend six days a week repeating the same task. Again and again. Fatigue and boredom are common in any factory. But this one is surrounded by suicide -- they are everywhere. A horrifying reminder eighteen workers who jumped from the buildings here Foxconn city the past few years. The suicide rate in this massive company is lower than average in China. But after people jumped in such a sobering cluster Foxconn -- -- senator and -- starting wages about 25 cents an hour I wonder though. If it wasn't for the spate of suicides that it takes something that's severe. To make you rethink how you treated your workers here I think absolutely. What we are facing a changing you know much rapid pace than we could. -- anticipated costs and -- we also changing. As the fair labor association collects employee grievances and get this ipads. You can -- -- we talked to dozens of important. On camera and off and the most common complaint low pay. Most like -- she rallying can't afford to live with their own children much less buy one of the products to help build. -- she -- thousands of apple logos on the backs of ipads every shift she's never actually seen a working -- What do you want the people who end up buying -- to know about you. I wanted to know me she says I wanted to know put a lot of effort into this product and when they use it please use it with. Care. By our standards it is really soul crushing work but we also visited some villages were a lot of these people come from and they say their lives are better because of the factors the alternatives. Are so much -- are still a lot of sweat shops there. And for the record ABC's parent company Disney does have close ties to apple CEO sits on the board the state of Steve Jobs larger shareholder in Disney but. But apple can call us -- those ties would have no bearing on our reporting although we didn't see. Any egregious violations. If the fair labor association does find them will report those as well going forward. Well that report shows that you're going to be really -- about this but let me ask you something else -- because people watching this at home. It's an American company mill if they they employ when a million people million people recounts or hard the day that you consider and a lot of folks are saying could those be jobs here in the U I want. The same thing but you realize it's not just the cheap labor it's not just people willing to do that and live in dorms for two dollars an hour. It's the ecosystem it's you have no idea of the scale. That Chinese decide at thirty years ago we're gonna take millions of little pieces from thousands different places and build stuff faster and -- And to be honest and our current world you can either be the country that lines up to make this stuff we give me the country that lines up to buy it but it's impossible to -- -- -- -- thank you again this absolutely fascinating he will have much more on that stunning and exclusive report on world news and special edition tonight. On --

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{"id":15756160,"title":"Apple Factories: An Exclusive Look","duration":"4:50","description":"A look inside a Chinese factory run by Apple's biggest supplier.","url":"/GMA/video/apple-computer-factories-exclusive-inside-labor-operations-15756160","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}