Is Apple Planning an iPhone 5 Announcement?

The tech giant sent invites for a new product announcement Sept. 12.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Is Apple Planning an iPhone 5 Announcement?
All right. September 12th is the date that apple is announcing its newest products. And speculation about what it exactly is has gone into overdrive. Abc's neal karlinsky has a story on what it just might be. Reporter: Whatever apple is about to announce next week, the faithful have already decided, it's going to be a new iphone. It's going to be cool. And the buzz is about to go into overdrive, whether you want one or not. I would love for the new phone to do my taxes and vote for the right candidate for president, to be honest. Reporter: Here's my invite here. It's so typically apple. It doesn't say anything about the iphone. But under the 12, the date it throws a shadow of the number 5. You can bet that means it's for the iphone 5. Scores of tech blogs have been playing the guessing game, basically nonstop since the last time they expected an iphone 5, last year. It turned out to be the iphone 4s. They say the new iphone will have a bigger screen and a new connector at the bottom. The speculation and the rumors drive more excitement. But I'm sure apple will do something that will wow the crowds. Reporter: Analysts seem certain apple will sell a record number, possibly $100 billion worth of iphones next year, securing its foothold as the single-most popular smartphone in a sea of competition. Right now, everyone is tries to out-apple apple. They're trying to do things that they would expect apple to do. And apple is really setting the tone in the industry. Reporter: By the way, did we mention a new ipad minimight be on the way, too? And what about iphone 6? For "good morning america," neal

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{"id":17158197,"title":"Is Apple Planning an iPhone 5 Announcement?","duration":"3:00","description":"The tech giant sent invites for a new product announcement Sept. 12.","url":"/GMA/video/apple-planning-iphone-announcement-17158197","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}