Poll Shows Voters Would Not Re-Elect Obama

An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows the president at his lowest approval rating yet.
1:27 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Poll Shows Voters Would Not Re-Elect Obama
And our new abc news/"washington post" poll, which shows president obama at the lowest point of his presidency. Seven out of ten americans now think the country's on the wrong track. And this comes amid new revelations that the administration was warned about the problems with the website as early as march. Abc's jon karl is at the white house. Jon, these are brutal numbers for the white hoe. Reporter: They are, george. The lowest job approval we have ever seen in the abc news/"washington post" poll. Only 42% approving of the president's job performance. 55% disapproving. On the health care low, 57% oppose the law. 40% supporting it. We asked voters if they can have a mulligan on the 2012 election, who they would vote for, they say they would vote for romney over obama. That's one thing president obama doesn't have to worry about. What a difference a year makes. Real signs there were red flashing lights back in march about the rollout of the website. Reporter: That's right. It turns out we learned from the congressional committees investigating this, they asked a consulting firm to look at whether or not they would be ready. the McKinsey consulting firm. They announced in a march report, that there were real problems. They thought the website would not be ready. Their biggest concern, there was not enough time to do end-to-end testing. And we know that was the case. Now, to the aftermath of the

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{"id":20933654,"title":"Poll Shows Voters Would Not Re-Elect Obama","duration":"1:27","description":"An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows the president at his lowest approval rating yet.","url":"/GMA/video/approval-rating-poll-shows-voters-elect-obama-20933654","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}