Arizona Convict Set Free After 30-Plus Years

Bill Macumber has insisted he's not a murderer and was framed by his wife.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Arizona Convict Set Free After 30-Plus Years
We have a story about a man who spent more than three decades in prison for a murder he insists he did not commit. 77-year-old bill macumber says his wife set him up. I've been following this case for about two years ago. It was remarkable to see bill macumber to walk out of prison, after decades long against the ex-wife who he says framed him and the powerful governor who refused to set him free. You're looking at the first moments of freedom for a man who has spent 30-plus years trying to convince the world he's innocent. A big day. This is a family day. Reporter: In the 1970s, bill macumber, was convicted of killing two young adults in the desert of arizona. His son, ron, grew up believing his dad was a monster. Until years ago, he got a call from a lawyer, telling him -- we think your father's innocent. And we think your mom framed him. Reporter: At the time of the arrest, bill and carol macumber's marriage was falling apart. And carol was working at the sheriff's office, where she had access to the evidence in the murder. I don't have any doubt anymore that my mom did this. Reporter: Did you frame your husband? No. Absolutely not. Reporter: We tracked ron's mother down. And she agreed to this, her first and only tv interview. The notion that your son would say that you're capable of acting in a diabolical fashion is a damming statement. Critical thinking is not one of ron's better skills. Reporter: Ron wasn't the only one that believed his father. The clemency board recommended that macumber's sentence be commuted. However, the governor of arizona, jan brewer, refused to sign off and refused to talk to the family or us. My name is dan harris. We showed up announced at one of her news conferences. I sent your office two e-mails and a letter no response. I appreciate your concerns. But I made my decision and it's final. We're done today. Reporter: Governor, it's your board. On wednesday, two years after that confrontation, with macumber's lawyers launching a strong, last-ditch effort to clear his name in court, prosecutors finally agreed to a plea deal that set macumber free. Good luck to you, sir. Thank you, your honor. It's worth point that macumber could have walked free many years ago if he pled guilty. He steadfastly refused to do so. That confrontation with the governor, why was she so insistent on this? She said it was doing the right thing. It was a tough decision. But it was her call to make. And she believed he had not been exonerated. The family of macumber believed she was doing it for political reasons. Any comment from her now that he's been released? Not yet. We're trying to get comment from her and his ex-wife. He's not been formally exonerated? No. In fact, prosecutors went out of their way to say, he is guilty in the eyes of the state. He pleaded no contest at this point. However, as I pointed out, he could have pleaded guilty at any point in the last couple of years and walked free. And he refused to do so. He said he would rather die in prison. And a lot of evidence to suggest he did not do it. Thanks very much.

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{"id":17670537,"title":"Arizona Convict Set Free After 30-Plus Years","duration":"3:00","description":"Bill Macumber has insisted he's not a murderer and was framed by his wife.","url":"/GMA/video/arizona-convict-bill-macumber-set-free-30-years-17670537","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}