Arizona Siblings Have Mega Wedding on Same Day

Five brothers and sisters all marry their significant others in massive one day ceremony.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for Arizona Siblings Have Mega Wedding on Same Day
Well -- into the high holy wedding season and this morning we have got a mega wedding blowout to show you five Brothers and sisters tying -- -- Not to -- to people. But together and a multi -- five and one ceremony that was followed by reception to end all receptions. -- -- Not to. Five siblings from one Arizona families send their ideas yesterday in a magnet wedding today. All wedding so everything is ready -- It's all the happiness that. All five got engaged within months of one another. -- -- does walk couldn't Jillian. And the leader William Bradford to -- and Brooke to Todd. Then one of them came up with the biggest proposal yet. A couple wedding I -- whenever I did and what my day my biggest act -- iron backyard that he wanted to be together and -- eventually. Can -- -- some convincing all five couples body and after many planning sessions and preparations Everyman for himself -- Dickinson the mega wedding day arrived. -- -- reception was preceded by five individual ceremonies one right after the other. Her little sister Andi who was a bridesmaid and four of her siblings weddings. That meant she had to Don or different bridesmaids dresses in a matter of just hours. Giving always being a bridesmaid and never applied a whole new meaning. -- -- We're pretty it's played out perfectly without -- there were five wedding cake. Flower girls plus move -- -- of the bride -- -- -- today yeah. Brides maids rooms men and -- one unforgettable celebration. To get out and I got to know that kind of -- tiny detail how well we know it's really hard to put together early one letting it that lets let alone -- five how they do acknowledge and thank technology. Weekly Skype meetings and we want to -- who -- to extend our thanks to our Phoenix affiliate. ABC fifteen for their help with this story.

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{"id":16988529,"title":"Arizona Siblings Have Mega Wedding on Same Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Five brothers and sisters all marry their significant others in massive one day ceremony.","url":"/GMA/video/arizona-siblings-mega-wedding-day-16988529","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}