Armed Survivalist Holds Child Hostage in Underground Bunker

Gio Benitez reports the latest news on police negotiations with kidnapper.
5:27 | 02/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Armed Survivalist Holds Child Hostage in Underground Bunker
We're going to take a first look at the man who provoked a crisis this morning. Hostage negotiations in the movies, but this one is stranger and more disturbing than fiction. Involving a 5-year-old boy and a survivalist and real no end in sight. Abc's gio benitez is in midland city. Good morning. This is now day five of this hostage standoff happening right there in the building. Behind that building there in the distance. Now, this for the first time we are learning new details about how it all started. This morning, a photo of the man police said launch a dramatic hostage standoff. Jimmy lee dykes has been holding 5-year-old ethan against his will. Communicating with the negotiators through the pipe I looked up and he's talking about threatening to kill us all or something. It all happened when dykes stormed on to this school bus and kidnapped the child. I just want two kids. 14-year-old and her 12-year-old brother were all on that bus. They said that dykes got on and gave the driver what appeared to be a gift of broccoli and a note and demanded two children. The bus driver kept saying, please get off the bus. So, he just tried to back up and he pulled out the gun and he just shot him. And he just took ethan. When all of this started, what were you thinking? I was shocked. Like, I never thought that i would have to go through a shootout. Reporter: They were able to escape. As dykes ran off carrying little ethan. That's when their mother got the call about the shooting. I grabbed all three of them at once. I started crying. Reporter: The children had seen dykes before. Constantly working on his fence. Neighbors say that he was a survivalist and had been violentwards local animals in the past. He was very protective about his stuff. When he stared at you he looked kind of crazy. Reporter: As for little ethan, we learned that he likes to sit in front-row seat. It believes that he's a child with autism. To everyone watching, nervous about ethan, what do you say? Ethan would make it out there. Reporter: Really these children believe that bus driver is a hero here, he immediately pushed an emergency button in that bus and tried calling 911 when he was shot. By the way, police told us they believe that the child is physically unharmed, so that's some good news this morning. That's good news. Gio has been on this story. Let's go brad garrett, he joins us from washington this morning. Brad, take us inside these hostage negotiations, how do you negotiate with a survivalist who has plenty of food and everything else he needs to stay in there, doesn't have to leave any time soon? It's all about doing certain things in an order. In other words, what do you want, mr. Dykes? Early on in this negotiations, he would have told them he wants a, b and c. But what they're going to do is negotiate pieces of that, for example, it appears that they have been able to get food and perhaps medicine into the bunker. Now, that's important. Because, it's mr. Dykes humanizing his captor. Dan, this case creates some unique challenges for tactical teams. Because, how do you get into this bunker if they have to go in and safely get this 5-year-old out? One entrance I suspect that there's no way to do a dynamic entry where you get in flash green ad and grab him. It's a confined space. The problem is, you got a guy who's anti-government and is bent on doing one particular thing. My guess is, he's not going to get what he wants. He spent a lot of time preparing for this, do you think this can end peacefully as more and more days go on? It's very difficult to really figure that out. Only because, at some point, i think, they're going to probably have to go in there. Because he's not just going to let this child go. Now, hopefully that won't be the case. I'm not convinced that will be the best. Ideally, can they take this child out? Such a young child. Brad garrett, we appreciate your time this morning.

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{"id":18384894,"title":"Armed Survivalist Holds Child Hostage in Underground Bunker","duration":"5:27","description":"Gio Benitez reports the latest news on police negotiations with kidnapper.","url":"/GMA/video/armed-survivalist-holds-child-hostage-underground-bunker-18384894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}