Schwarzenegger Says He Almost Ruined Famous 'Terminator Line'

Former California governor discusses his successful career.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Transcript for Schwarzenegger Says He Almost Ruined Famous 'Terminator Line'
every field he entered. You wrote at the top of the book on page 15, you say, quote, I am absolutely convinced that i was special and made for bigger things. I knew I would be the best at something, although I did not know what. You're a boy from a small town in austria. How did you know that? Where did that come from? I just had feeling. I always felt, you know, when i saw pictures for instance of the america. The empire state building. The golden gate bridge and hollywood. I thought one day I'm going to be over there and be in movies. It was not like maybe. I saw it very clear. How about body building? How did that come about? It was only because I was in a bunch of different sports. I joined right away when i joined the club and was lifting weights, within a short period of time, my strength doubled. It was just talent. The question was, how can you use that -- other body building champion to get into movies, whatever, I could use my body to get into america. And the success about the movies as well. You've got to tell us the story about "the terminator." You almost ruined the signature line "i'll be back." What's that about? I could not pronounce "i'll." I kept saying -- maybe I should just say "i will be back." And it sounds more like a machine "i will be back." He said, no, no, I don't tell you how to act. Don't tell me how to write. I wrote the line "i'll be back." But it sounds really weird when I say in my german accent. I said, I don't care. And it was, look, this is what we ended up doing. And the movie came out. I remember I was here in new york for the promotion and i walked down on park avenue, this one fan came up and said, say it. I said, say what? He said, say the line "i'll be back." I said, "i'll be back." He said, no, the way you said it in the movie. I said "i'll be back." I realized how powerful this line was. The gentleman was right? He was absolutely right. Cameron is never wrong. Tell me about politics a little bit. I always wondered about this. Was the decision to run for governor simply a matter of opportunity that you saw that recall election or was it something you had been thinking about for the longest ti eest time? I wanted to give back. And special olympics, then I met maria and her mother I really got sucked into the thing about the special olympics and the after school education, that gives after-school programs $500 million more. Then the next thing was the recall election. It was perfect. Next thing you know, I won and began governor. We have 30 seconds. Love one of your rules for success. Stay hungry. At the age of 65, you're still hungry? Very hungry. I still have dreams, still have visions. America has been the land of opportunity. I've experienced it first hand. You have a place where you can come with absolutely nothing and you can get everything if you're willing to work hard. It's been the greatest coming to this subject. Arnold schwarzenegger thanks very much. "Total recall" on sale today.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former California governor discusses his successful career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17364992","title":"Schwarzenegger Says He Almost Ruined Famous 'Terminator Line'","url":"/GMA/video/arnold-schwarzenegger-interview-actors-trouble-ill-back-terminator-17364992"}