Arsenic in Apple Juice Fears Raised by Study

Study shows arsenic, lead levels in apple juice is higher than U.S. standards.
2:02 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Arsenic in Apple Juice Fears Raised by Study
Out to the breaking news and the debate over the safety of your children's -- a brand new investigation now this morning says there is potential danger lurking and what your kids are drinking. ABC's -- Davis has the latest. How can you do testing in just one letter about getting those -- those results. Confirmed by other labs no good scientist would ever do that kind of work he was a fierce debate it all started with this dramatic statement from doctor congress and some of -- best known brands in America. Have arsenic. In their apple choose our own doctor Richard -- fired back saying research done by the FDA showed the arsenic found in some juices was harmless we're telling parents that they are poisoning their children. And you have absolutely no evidence. But this morning brand new evidence that there is a potential danger in your child's -- Consumer reports did its own investigation testing both apple and grape -- They tested 88 samples among them some of America's favorite brands 10% had total arsenic levels greater than the federal standard for drinking water. What's more 25%. Of them also had lead levels higher than the FDA standards for bottled water the juice products association responded by saying -- is not water. To compared to Trace levels of arsenic or lead -- Jews to the regulatory guidelines for drinking water. Is not appropriate. In a statement to ABC news about the consumer report data. The FDA said a small percentage of samples contain elevated levels of arsenic. In response FDA has expanded our surveillance activities. And is collecting additional data this is move -- and that's you know that's encouraging that we really wanted to see the agency get to a point where they figure out. The -- level just over a week ago the agency announced the results of its own testing of apple juice. Most made right here in the US. They found eight samples out of 160. Had arsenic levels that exceeded the FDA's current level of concern for in organic arsenic. For Good Morning America Lindsey Davis ABC news.

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{"id":15054234,"title":"Arsenic in Apple Juice Fears Raised by Study","duration":"2:02","description":"Study shows arsenic, lead levels in apple juice is higher than U.S. standards.","url":"/GMA/video/arsenic-apple-juice-fears-raised-study-15054234","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}