Arsenic Found in Organic Baby Formula, Cereal Bars

Dr. Richard Besser on a study that found high levels of arsenic in some foods.
2:12 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Arsenic Found in Organic Baby Formula, Cereal Bars
Get right to that major consumer alert a new study out this morning about arsenic that may be in your baby's formula also energy bars and -- Doctor rich investors here to break it all down for -- -- concerned about this -- Iran and I'm very concerned about this because we're talking about baby formula. And baby formula is the main source nutrition for many children in the first your life and that's a period where you wanna avoid. Poisons like you like arsenic so what they find in the study so the -- researchers at Dartmouth and they looked at seventeen different baby formulas. And they found that two of those -- high levels of arsenic. Both of those formulas were organic and both of them had as a main ingredient is something called organic brown rice here. -- -- -- brown organic brown right sir that's rental so you know as a parent here's what you can do you want to make sure you're reading the label. And if you're using an organic baby formula you want to look to see is the first ingredient organic. Jim Brown rice here -- -- is I would think he's no different formula. The -- that -- -- is still vulnerable variable that's. We have here cereal bars energy bars that energy shots it sometimes take after working out the study looked at about two they did they looked at a wide variety of energy bars and at -- shots and and and and the cereal bars. And they found that those that had rice as one of the top five ingredients. Also at high levels of of arsenic. Now this is concerning it can certainly less -- the formula because. In general if you're having one of these -- that's not going to be a big issue if you're if you're having a lot of those again I would cut back in in -- for something else and that's -- choice formula. Sometimes does not but that -- can -- cannot take the energy -- -- -- you -- there's other options for -- that's right you have choices we're hearing so much about -- but -- you know -- this is this this is really. Get and be a big problem every month we're hearing about a different food group and we're hearing about arsenic. What we need is a comprehensive approach we need the Food and Drug Administration to look across the food supply. Give his recommendations. How can we eat a balanced diet healthy diet that doesn't contain something that's poisonous people choose organic because -- think they're taking something that's healthy for them -- And they need to know. How you balance that in the end and not put yourself at risk. Such things and make -- stay on top of the sports.

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{"id":15673722,"title":"Arsenic Found in Organic Baby Formula, Cereal Bars","duration":"2:12","description":"Dr. Richard Besser on a study that found high levels of arsenic in some foods.","url":"/GMA/video/arsenic-found-organic-baby-formula-cereal-bars-15673722","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}