Aruba Mystery: Is Gary Giordano Unemotional?

Dan Abrams, Dr. Michael Welner discuss Gary Giordano's second ABC interview.
5:02 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Aruba Mystery: Is Gary Giordano Unemotional?
So let's bring in -- legal analyst Dan Abrams along with forensic psychiatrist and ABC news consultant doctor Michael well there good to have you both here. -- and start with you first you've seen both interviews what's your take. Well on the one hand I think it was a Smart move for your daughter to go public meaning if I think -- that he ought to be putting his side for which -- Everyone has this wrong he's able to explain in his mind insurance. And exactly what happened okay. But to go -- and then be so belligerent. And to antagonize. Often the people who were doing the interviews doesn't help -- at all. And so I'm not certain that in the end this was a net win for -- But you think Michael that there is a reason because -- many people watching both interviews were saying there's no emotion from him when it comes. To Robin and just when he kept saying I've I've answered this 5060 times I don't -- -- do it again. You said that the reason for -- I feel I feel look a little bit more careful about interpreting what I'm seeing in an interview when you have an attorney right next to someone it's reversed. Your interview was rehearsed another interview was rehearsed and to whatever degree. An attorney can controls client believe and allow that interview to go forward so. I think that that affects the emotion that you see as well that that he's thinking about the attorney next to him. I don't think people in America recognize what it's like to be sitting here talking and recognizing how many -- were listening to you. And then have your freedom jeopardize the same time recognizing that you have so much hanging on every word so I think. That the pressure and operating within that does affect someone that's where. She attorney's job the -- for jobs trying to make sure and and he was totally unrehearsed and in my view meaning I think you're gonna should spend more time than thinking about his answers and how he's gonna respond and it seemed to me. Either his lawyer Jose Baez didn't prepare him at all. Or his lawyer prepared and terribly. That some of the questions you ask you know if you if you hit the boundaries of something and he didn't prepare. Four. Then would perhaps -- you touch is what it would -- the root of this is if you hit the raw nerve of Giordano. He goes off the script. And then perhaps going off the script is what got us here in the first place back in Aruba and sometimes that's not what he said it was how he said -- a lack. Lack of emotion I know what you're saying but but many people are saying hey if I'm accused of something. And I'm saying I didn't do it. I would say at a million a thousand times to anyone who wants to ask me that I don't think people understand why a he would say he would say well you know he's he's talked about so often that that could be and I'd be an issue. There's also -- of sadness and they get and this is not to suggestion and doctor Weller can talk more about sort of what's typical -- what's not. But from the public perception point of -- people who -- responding. To me in this there was a sensitive there was no remorse -- let's even assume exactly what happened is what he said happened. He was still with some when he brought down to Aruba who died in the water according to him who got washed away and that's the last time he saw our. That's incredible -- at horrifying event and rather than being upset about it he sees angry about it. I think you're gonna see that here I appreciate the point but I just think that win when you. Have gone through interrogation and you get to national television exposure here in a bunker. And that that bunker. Is an artificial situation my own experience with defendants were guilty -- who have done. They've been very packaged and the only time you access the remorse -- people were capable of it he may have no remorse from -- as we can't tell. But you only access that remorse when it's. All John Belushi and on public didn't do well that's another -- yeah yeah that is you don't get one because music if he's not able to do that. And I don't think that he should've spoken publicly at all and Michael you're lyrics weren't here -- -- Motives. And -- you know something I I think that we've given a lot of attention. In -- in our discussion to what happened when she went missing if something happened. Looking at the two principals. Then that the most likely explanation. For motive is a rejection sensitivity. Because you have. Giordano who has a history of domestic violence complaints. What people should be understanding. Investigators. What -- the triggers that inspired those complaints against him for multiple women. -- -- -- Play out in the relationship that he had with Gardner so we may learn more about what happened to rob and if we reconstruct. Their life together rather than their last moments together and finally there's nothing has been said that will -- -- -- for proven authorities to wanted to come back. But nothing that's been said in the interviews publicly now on it. He's not offering specific details that I would think are any different number he was he's been interviewed again and again and again and again -- the one thing he knows had to do was remain consistent story evenly -- authorities said -- And Michael thank you thank you very much for both your prospectus appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Dan Abrams, Dr. Michael Welner discuss Gary Giordano's second ABC interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15086624","title":"Aruba Mystery: Is Gary Giordano Unemotional?","url":"/GMA/video/aruba-mystery-gary-giordano-unemotional-robyn-gardners-disappearance-15086624"}