Ashley Judd Dishes on New ABC Thriller 'Missing'

Actress discusses playing a fierce mother in a desperate search for her son.
1:51 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Ashley Judd Dishes on New ABC Thriller 'Missing'
-- you listen to me my son has been kidnapped. We are aware that -- also over the longer thanks to ensure the less likely I am finding we can help you retrieve your son but asked to be on our troops in terms of the CIA and in my -- ever again why are you persona non -- and friends why haven't you read my -- super middle management. My orders ought to put you on a plane on the next back -- -- -- this idiot I have passports -- all of the world will watch the airports. So what have you have to go home okay. We're not having CIA personnel one. Agenda I cannot -- I -- I am a mother looking for her son's. While a fierce Ashley Judd playing the world's ultimate helicopter among the new ABC -- missing lucky hadn't. Thanks for coming in thank you so much for hating and -- are you a fan and Kentucky wildcat it is the first they have March -- I don't mean not to dress up for you this is my version of dress up. I am -- well -- -- I have been on this entire press Stuart -- loved watching you swab brackets with Tiger Woods just before the break. Not necessarily like his bracket now you can -- -- -- we'll find out who wins believe got to hear more about this you'll bet the Winston. Ex CIA but has to find her missing son. Well when the show's pre. Gators came to me I felt -- was a very complete. Dynamic and complex person I'm. A mother I've overcome great tragedy I finally got this safe lovely life that I have fought so hard to make for myself. I don't want anything to do with my former way of life I think I'm actually quite ashamed of it. And yet when a mother's worst nightmare comes true my son goes missing while studying in Europe. I have to try to find him and then reluctantly reconnect with that whole world using. You know skills and assets and old lovers -- and it needs to try to find him and that means you are running all over the world for this series literally each of the ten episodes -- set a different part of your. And and you -- your own stunts. I can -- the T shirt that says I do my own stunts and this is really so they actually wrote this show forward pretty -- went straight to my little ego. And embryo me. We wrote this for you -- you can. Do know is I'm a sucker for that they. And you know you're doing so much else now as well wanna talk about that while -- please go to -- -- the Kennedy. -- government at Harvard putting network direction the UN yesterday. To talk about your thesis on sex trafficking. Well I -- I wrote a Paper for a class called gender violence law and social justice while at Harvard Law School and it was a really. Special and personal Paper for me and somehow or another magically on the -- -- -- word and so I was invited to the UN to talk about it yesterday and also -- spend. Involved with fighting sex and -- slavery since about 2000 what's more daunting tucking the -- -- doing the stunts. -- one. It's all of the peace period and brief bouts and tomorrow you're going to be president Clinton's global initiative. Yes President Clinton asked me to be on the opening plenary of the Clinton Global Initiative meeting today and that's really interesting because there's this new wave and public health. Where we can use cross sector partnerships public and private. To reach the most poor and vulnerable through community health workers. Helping deliver integrated health system's family planning long lasting insecticide treated -- we can do TB treatment. All kinds of great stuff so you -- your media placing agent really draw and anything you learned at the Kennedy school for this role. You know what. Someone asked me that yesterday and without having realized it I think I have partly based back to win stone on. A classmate who was with me at the Kennedy school. My class was what 200 people a 102 nations were represented it was like -- -- UN and every class. And there were. Ministers of finance secretaries of state -- people creative people like me but there is a woman who was secretary of state and her country before she came to the Kennedy school. And I think that I kind of based some of back on her she just -- -- really amazing presence. Her party would like for her to run for prime minister her country she's got a lot of fear about something bad happening to her family. Her children in particular being kidnapped. So I think unconsciously. Eye to it -- pull together all facets like this amazing role at all premieres tonight it has come here tonight it's the data I can -- -- -- get some sleep. We'll enjoy congratulations thanks for coming and thank you so -- is on tonight at 8:7 central here on ABC.

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{"id":15927187,"title":"Ashley Judd Dishes on New ABC Thriller 'Missing'","duration":"1:51","description":"Actress discusses playing a fierce mother in a desperate search for her son.","url":"/GMA/video/ashley-judd-dishes-abc-thriller-missing-15927187","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}