Kutcher, Moore Divorce: New Details Emerge

Speculation mounts that Hollywood power couple always had an "open" marriage.
2:50 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kutcher, Moore Divorce: New Details Emerge
The latest now on the Demi Moore Ashton -- divorce slats knew coming out over the weekend including speculation that the couple actually had an open marriage. And Andrea canning is here with the details them and good morning -- there are so many rumors flying around like Demi said that in her statement last week that there are certain values and vows she holds sacred which might be a -- But one person claims Demi knew what was going on one of Ashton alleged mistresses -- speaking out. Ashton Kutcher was all smiles on the set of Two and a Half Men Friday -- described him as business as usual. Warning you divorce why we don't -- to war. Less than 24 hours after Demi Moore announced she was ending their six year marriage to -- meanwhile is reportedly dealing with the divorce fallout in Hawaii. Over the weekend more details emerging from behind the scenes of the split. Reports of intense fighting and now tabloid rumors spinning out of control that the couple had an open marriage. In this new T -- -- interview one of Ashton is alleged mistresses claims demean knew about their affair. He wouldn't -- -- he didn't relations. I'm yeah I mean actually he told me I was honestly everybody else about fat and yeah. And he -- no I feel a little bit he's now -- so little that might seem like maybe that wasn't it true you know my heart goes out to her. If she really was in the dark about everything from what. I have hurt -- they did have an open relationship quiet. There was always a closet and that if you were going to do it do not get caught do not have -- be this big public fiasco hundred and Ashton. With very silly and -- handled us. Demi and Ashton seemed to be making an effort in recent months going camping together in September. Visiting the cabala center and more recently heading to Turks and caicos to talk things out they now have the difficult task of dividing their fortune. Worth hundreds of millions of dollars she has a very good now thank you forget that it -- captures the highest paid woman. It's worth has grown exponentially since they were married remember. When they started he was just that guy from That '70s -- but now he's had hit movies he's on Two and a Half Men. What's next for the -- is now flying solo to -- reportedly plans to throw herself into work with a number of projects lined up just wrapping her new movie LO well with Miley Cyrus fashion's latest film New Year's -- premieres December ninth have done work are you don't work you. But could there be another career move in his future personnel have some fun picturing him in Regis issues. Please I have sixteen extra hours. And neither of them tweeted over the weekend surprisingly enough to mis represented I have no further comment just directing us to the statement from last week after pictures people did not return our -- -- delisting -- -- things he. And -- thanks very much.

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{"id":14997112,"title":"Kutcher, Moore Divorce: New Details Emerge","duration":"2:50","description":"Speculation mounts that Hollywood power couple always had an \"open\" marriage.","url":"/GMA/video/ashton-kutcher-demi-moore-divorce-open-marriage-blame-14997112","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}