Kutcher on 'Intimidating' Role Portraying Steve Jobs

"Jobs" star discusses portraying the Apple CEO and co-founder in upcoming bio pic.
4:35 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Kutcher on 'Intimidating' Role Portraying Steve Jobs
ashton kutcher. He's starring in the new moved "jobs" out channeling apple ceo and co-founder steve jobs in a performance one critic called it killer shrewd. Let's take a look. Do you know why people buy an apple? Why do you buy an apple? Not the competitor. Because it's got bravado. It's social status. It's even more than that. It's social currency of we've raised the bar. If we want to stay there, we got to risk everything. Great artists, picasso, newton, they risk failure and if we want to be great we got to risk it too. And we are delighted to have ashton here with us. I watched it over the weekend. Wow, it's inspiring. It really is. Steve jobs is inspiring. You know, he's a guy who came from humble beginnings and had a big dream and understood focus and hard work and made dreams come true. Yeah, physically like looking at you now as I watched the movie, even producers said they were struck how you look so much like a younger steve jobs. But they said it goes beyond that. There was an emotional connection that you had to this and the script. Why? You know, I -- it was funny. You know, a lot of people talk about they remember where they were when kennedy died and i remember where I was when steve jobs passed away. You know, I think he was like THE LEONARDO da VINCI OF OUR DAY And I remember going home that night and I was working on my apple computer and had my iphoneh there. What I realized was all of these relationships I have in my life are connected and pulled together by glue that he laid down with the products that he built. And he took something that was so complicated, you know, when he first entered into the computing game, it was something that was just for geeks and for people that were engineers and actually understood how these things worked and he made something so complicated so simple that my 7-year-old nephew can facetime me on his ipad and my 80-year-old grandma is addicted to candy crunch, you know, playing video games, so -- and I think that that's kind of the magic of what this guy did. He took processes and things other people built that were really complicated and made it so simple we can all connect to it. You have obviously had a lot of respect for steve jobs and you said when you were approached about in that the word I hear over and over again you were intimidated. Why? Yeah, I was just terrified. First of all I had never played a role like this before. And I felt like playing somebody who actually lived and somebody who was like near and dear to the hears of so many people, i wanted to honoro him and who he was and how he was, and I really admire him and I work a lot, invest in a lot of like early stage start-up technology companies so I have a lot of friends that were either co-workers of his or worked for him or were friends of him and they love him and I didn't want to let them down. The first one to reach a million on twitter, ladies and gentlemen. We shouldn't forget that a few years ago but you've always had your hand in those kind of things, being a entrepreneur and also being very philanthropic. You had a chance to meet steve jobs shortly before he passed and you didn't see him. Tell us about that. Yeah, I -- I -- there was a feature on the iphone on the keyboard that I wanted and it was like a shortcut feature so i could press like two letters and get a whole sentence to write out and a friend of mine was working at apple. I mentioned this idea to them and it ended up in the product and there was a developer's conference that apple does every year and I got invited to come to it and meet steve, and I had to work that day and, you know, it's funny, like you have those experiences and I don't think i appreciated who he was and what his contribution was at that time and I probably would have tried to take the day off and had a second chance. Hindsight. My real hope they'll see the movie and realize that steve jobs wasn't always steve jobs and he built the largest, you know, most successful company in the world and that they can look at life and instead of just having to live in the life they see they can build the life that other people could live in.

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{"id":19870837,"title":"Kutcher on 'Intimidating' Role Portraying Steve Jobs","duration":"4:35","description":"\"Jobs\" star discusses portraying the Apple CEO and co-founder in upcoming bio pic.","url":"/GMA/video/ashton-kutcher-interview-2013-jobs-actor-intimidating-role-19870837","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}